Galapagos Holiday 2021 & 2022

12th April 2021

Is now the perfect time to visit the Galapagos Islands?

Our Latin America team think that 2021 is the perfect time to visit The Galapagos Islands. For those seeking a once in a lifetime experience, away from mass tourism, in a very safe, unique and wonderful part of the world, then the Galapagos Islands could be the perfect vacation for you. Here are our top reasons why now is the perfect time to visit, or book, your Galapagos holiday.

Extremely quiet Galapagos

Each year the Galapagos Islands usually see around 150,000 international tourists descend onto the islands to marvel at the wildlife. As international tourism slowly begins to pick up a little pace the Galapagos Islands remain extremely quiet with only a handful of Galapagos cruises currently operating in the islands. Lower visitor numbers make the Galapagos feel extra special as you get to experience the islands as they were 40 years ago, making you feel like you have the islands almost to yourself. For the team at South America Odyssey, that is the definition of paradise!

Unbeatable Wildlife

A visit to The Galapagos Islands is on many a bucket list and now may be the perfect time to see these islands, and its wildlife, like very few have in recent years. The wildlife remains very timid and not fearing humans, the more social animals, like the dolphins, are reportedly very excited at seeing the boats returning! Due to due to the lower visitor numbers everything feels just that little bit more raw and natural.

Discounts galore

Notoriously popular, visiting the Galapagos is usually a holiday that needs to be booked at least 12-18 months prior to departure to just about guarantee you can select the perfect Galapagos boat for your cruise. With visitor numbers low, fewer boats sailing and the boat owners keen to get things back to “normal” they are enticing interested tourists in with large discounts. Meaning you can go for cheaper, or potentially spend the same amount, but be on a more luxurious boat. The offers are changing weekly so please do get in touch with one of our Galapagos experts to speak about all current discounts on Galapagos cruises.

Low numbers of COVID-19

The Ecuadorian Government prioritized vaccinating inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands to make international travelers more confident about returning to the enchanted islands and boosting Ecuador’s economy. A handful of luxury expedition and small boats have been cruising since November 2021, and there has yet to be an outbreak of Covid-19 due to the protocols in place. Before embarking on a cruise you have to take a PCR test, as do all staff members, and as you do not come into contact with any other tourists you are in a very safe environment away from people.

Do you like the sound of visiting the Galapagos? For more information on the Galapagos Islands and joining one of our hand picked luxury expeditions please do get in touch

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