Brazil Amazon Rainforest

The colossal tropical rainforest of the Amazon sweeps across more than half of Brazil, providing a sanctuary for masses of flora, fauna and indigenous tribes.
Two major rivers, the Solimoes and the Negro, converge to form the colossal Amazon River, which, in certain areas, is up to 11 km wide. These two rivers also create an intricate network of waterways which feed the vegetation of this important steamy and tropical forest.

The Amazon - What do Do

A visit to the Amazon is full of opportunities for exploring, ranging from piranha fishing with the locals, swimming with jovial Pink River Dolphins to trekking through the jungle to find remote, indigenous communities. In the evenings it is all about relaxing beneath a sky lit with a staggering number of stars, in this place where light pollution does not interfere with the true spectacle. For more information about the many activities possible for experiencing the Brazilian Amazon, please do get in touch as we would love to speak to you.

The Amazon - Where to Stay

A completely different experience to the African version, a safari holiday here is just as exciting.  Travel down the river in the M/Y Tucana Riverboat, stay amongst the forest tree tops at Anavilhanas and fully immerse yourself in the sounds, colours and smells of nature.

The Amazon - Our Opinion

Getting to the Amazon is an arduous task -  you normally fly to the forgettable city of Manaus before heading to your lodge. But  your effort is rewarded with a unique experience, staying in a precious and severely threatened ecosystem.

The Amazon - Top Tip

We suggest a minimum of 4 nights in this area, as it is not eay to get to the Brazilian Amazon. While there, we highly recommend taking binoculars to help spot the wildlife.


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