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A luxury Galapagos cruise on a yacht around these enchanted islands is the best way to holiday in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are a place apart, a truly extraordinary vacation destination in which a unique wildlife experience is guaranteed. The marine life here is phenomenal, the animals - with no reason to run - are incredibly approachable. One can see how Charles Darwin was able to advance his theory of evolution here; it feels like the secret heart of the natural world

Where are the Galapagos Islands?

The volcanic Galapagos Islands are remotely located 970km west of the Ecuadorian coast. A multitude of cruising boats and yachts sail these waters, allowing us to explore, experience and learn more about this incredible natural wildlife sanctuary.The Galapagos Islands intersect the equator at a point where six different ocean currents converge, creating ideal conditions for a huge array of marine wildlife and animals that have all evolved in slightly different ways on the differing islands.

The best Galapagos Holidays

The Galapagos Islands are truly amazing. The best way to visit them is to take a Galapagos naturalist cruise around the archipelago. This allows you to get to see how the animals have evolved differently on each island and it gives you a comprehensive and enjoyable experience of the islands.

Our independent guide to Galapagos Holidays

The team here love and know how to plan the perfect Galapagos holiday. Together we have written a guide to the Galapagos Islands; which you can download here. Obviously nothing beats a good conversation on the phone, but this is a good place to start planning your Galapagos Cruise.

The best Galapagos yachts for your Galapagos Vacation

There are many different Galapagos boats and selecting the best one for you can be a difficult decision. We are here to offer independent and friendly advice as to which yacht would be perfect for your Galapagos vacation. From experience, we think the best things to consider are size, level of luxury, price, duration, itinerary and ratio of guides to passengers.

Our favourite Galapagos boats

Our Galapagos team has first hand tried, tested and worked with the best Galapagos boats for years so deciding upon what our favourites Galapagos boat was no easy task. Currently for those seeking luxury then the MV Origin is hard to overlook as it is the only (and first boat) to be awarded Relais & Chateax status, the ratio of guide to guest is the best on the island and the boat is utterly gorgeous. However, with a price tag of $7,850 per week then there are other more economical options to consider. Another first class boat is the Endemic. A very high quality catamaran with all cabins boasting a private balcony. Unlike the MV Origin that runs 7 night cruises, the Endemic options start at 4 night cruises for those with a limited amount of time. For a more economical, clean and comfortable boat with a variety of itineraries then the family run Beluga is great. Here are a few of the best Galapagos cruises below. For more information please do get in touch or/and download our guide.


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How to get to the Galapagos Islands

To get to the Galapagos Islands you will first need to fly to Quito or Guayaquil in Ecuador, South America. From the United Kingdom you can fly via Miami with American Airlines, via Amsterdam with KLM, or via Madrid with Iberia. There are currently no direct flight from the UK to mainland Ecuador. If you are departing from the US then there are lots of direct options.

Once in Ecuador, you take a domestic flight from Quito, via Guayaquil, to get to the Galapagos Islands. The flight time is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Flights from Guayaquil or Quito land on the Galapagos islands of Baltra Island or San Cristobal Island. We will arrange your flight depending on where your luxury Galapagos yacht and cruise departs from to fly you back to mainland Ecuador. You may decide to go for a few days relaxing at a haceinda like Zuleta or continue your exploration of Ecuador's wildlfie in the Amazon jungle at Napo Wildlife Centre.

A typical day on a Galapagos Cruise

A typical day on a Galapagos holiday consist of having brekfast between 7-8am before your first landing. After a few hours with your naturalist guide the pangas will take you back to the boat. You can then refresh or snorkel before a little break then lunch. After lunch you usually have an hour or so to relax, take a siesta, or catch come rays from the comfort of the sundeck. At around 3pm you will land on another island with your naturalist guide. You may then have the opportunity to snorkel again (depending on where abouts you are). Before your evening meal your guide(s) will give you a full debrief and tell you what you will be doing the following day. After your evening meal you may have a night cap or head to your cabin. The captain normally sails at night from one island to the next, so that you wake up with new species to discover, and each new day is very different from the last. This is truly any animal-lover or safari-enthusiast's dream!

We hope to speak to you and offer our guaranteed independent advice and the best prices for your Galapagos holiday.

To download our Galapagos guide please click here
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Map of Ecuador

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