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South America Honeymoons

If you are considering doing something a little different for your honeymoon and are considering South America then you have come to the right people. Our contacts and in-depth knowledge of the region can design a truly special itinerary that will forever last in your memories and cement South America as one of your favourites.
Are you seeking solitude, peace and quiet after the big day or are you looking to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Incas and trek to Machu Picchu, or does a remote eco-lodge and safari deep in the Costa Rican jungle appeal? With such a large amount of exciting options to consider it can be a little baffling.  

Give us a ring and we can quickly narrow it down and begin designing your honeymoon. We look forward to hearing from you.

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When to go

Depending on what you are looking for then there are seasons to consider that will make all the difference to your trip. Ring us or drop us an email for accurate and friendly advice on when to go.

We will make it extra special

Our personal contacts and friends that manage and run the lodges and hotels will always help us with making your stay with them extra special with a few treats and surprises thrown in.

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Although we tailor-make all our trips we have reproduced a number of popular itineraries here

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Map of South America

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