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Deluxe Airstream Campers

Sleeping in complete privacy on the sparkling salt flats in modern campers on what is unique, exhilarating and a most memorable experience. The Deluxe Airstream Campers come complete with a private guide and chef.
After exploring the iconic salt flats in the vast salt flats in south west Bolivia your private guide and chef serve you dinner before leaving you under the stars with your comfortable and remote camper.


There are three identical deluxe airstream campers that cruise around the salt flats. Each campervan has capacity for two people and they are surprisingly luxurious and fully equipped with everything you would ever want whilst being out in the middle of the salt flats. Campers have toilets, hot water, mini bars, electric blankets and radios. They really are surprisingly comfortable. 

How it works

Throughout the day you are in a 4x4 with your driver guide who will be towing the camper. There is also a smaller vehicle that will meet you at stages of your trip to cook food and serve you drinks.  At night you are left alone with your guide and chef in a nearby village. For peace of mind, you are left with a satellite phone, however it is seldom used as you sit under the stars in this unique location.

The food is fresh and of a decent standard, but not gourmet.

Our opinion

What better way to explore this unique habitat of the Uyuni salt flat? In our opinion, there is not.


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