South America Holiday

South America is a beautiful continent that is so easy to fall in love with many times over. Combining the joie de vivre of the locals, the never ending opportunities to discover and explore somewhere new, the food revolution that is being showcased accross the globe (particularly Peruvian food) and a variety of hotels that cater for all budgets. For us, it is easy to see why once you have visited and experienced Latin America on a South America Holiday, you will want to return time after time.

What are the highlights of a South America Holiday?

  • History & Culture
  • Beaches (Pacific, Atlantic & Caribbean)
  • Cuisine
  • Adventures & Outdoors
  • Wildlife & Safari

Where should we go on a South America Holiday?

We would like the opportunity to speak to you and hear all about your interests, timeframe, what style of hotels you like etc. so that we can suggest locations, hotels and experiences that will be perfect for you. Maybe you long to visit Iguazu Falls in both Argentina and Brazil, the icebergs of Patagonia and the Antarctica, the jungles of the Amazon in Peru, Ecuardor and Brazil, the unique wildlife of the Galapagos and the ruins of the Incas.

Is South America better for family, honeymooners or adult travelers?

A South America Holiday can be for anyone... but there are locations that are better for families, honeymooners, the outdoors etc. For instance- Costa Rica is a fantastic Family Holiday destination as it has great jungle lodges with lots of activites and good beaches. Argentina and Chile are super honeymoon destinations as you can get sup away at the local wines and stay up late watching a tango show.The Galapagos are a wonderful destination for all ages that have a basic intrigue about animals.

What are the style of hotels?

South American hotels vary from eco lodges in Costa Rica, Luxury wine estancias in Argentina to crumbling town houses in Cuba. We work with a variety of hotels that cater for all budgets and intersts from the well located, yet more economical and simple options to the super luxurious hotels and Galapagos boats.

What to expect from a holiday in South America?

  • New experiences everyday
  • Great food from the street stalls to the Michellin starred restaurants
  • Learning about other cultures and history
  • Wildlife encounters
  • ...and much more

Map of South America

Map of South America Antarctica Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Ecuador Peru Uruguay Venezuela


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