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Costa Rica is an extremely biodiverse and beautiful little Central American country with very strong eco credentials. Holidays to Costa Rica can include flopping on one of the many golden sandy beaches, rafting through smouldering tropical forests, cycling to the base of fiery volcanoes, trekking through the primary jungles in search of rare birds and indulging in some of their most famous exports- coffee and chocolate.  A small, colourful and charming country that is abundant with different habitats and weather patterns making Costa Rica an ideal multi centre holiday destination for all ages.

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular holiday destination and choosing where to go, what to do, and where to stay is super important when designing your Costa Rica holiday. We use our years of first hand experience to get to know our clients so that what we design is perfect in every way. 


Things to do in Costa Rica

When looking at all the things to do in Costa Rica it can be tricky knowing where to start- that is what we are here for! We have put together this short list of the highlights of Costa Rica to give you a feel for what a holiday to the could include. If you have previously travelled with Odyssey Travels you will know that we enjoy finding out all about you first, then we can make suggestions that are perfect for your holiday. You may also wish to have a look at our Costa Rica blog entries.

Below are our top headline acts of things to do in Costa Rica. For more information about things to do in Costa Rica, please do get in touch as we would love to speak to you about all the possibilities.
• ACTIVITIES The volcanic region of Arenal is an outdoor enthusiasts playground full of adventures. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy zip wires, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and more. For nature lovers looking for something a little slower paced then the hanging bridges through the jungle or trekking in the volcanic national parks before soothing your muscles in the hot springs under the stars may be just the ticket.
• WILDLIFE If the main reason for your Costa Rica trip is the wildlife then visiting the Osa Peninsula and the Corcovado National Park should be at the top of your wish list. This little peninsula that is best accessed by a small flight is home to 150 butterfly species, 500 bird species, 124 kinds of mammal, 5,000 plants and all within a 164 square mile radius. For nature lovers, this is heaven. In this area there are also some first class eco resorts. 
•  BEACHES Costa Ricas coast on the west is the Pacific, and on the east, the Caribbean.  With so many different beaches offering something a little different we can talk you through the pros and cons of each location. Do you love seclusion and privacy whilst staying at a boutique hotel? do you like the facilities that cater for all the family at a resort? maybe a staffed villa? Are you looking for a cool town with surf?There really are lots of options dotted on the Pacific and Carribbean coasts that we know all about.
•  SAFARI  Families looking for an introduction to the wildlife of Costa Rica need look no further than Tortguero in the north east. You can stay at one of the family orientated jungle lodges on the banks of the river and eplore the jungles and flooded waterways for sloths, caiman, monkeys, poison dart frogs and more. If you holiday in August, July or September then you have a very high chance of seing leather back turtles returning to their place of birth to lay their eggs. 
•  BIRDING Many birders, both novice to the keenest of twitchers, head to Costa Rica for the +900 birds. The cloudforest of Monteverde is surrounded by protected National parks that people travel far and wide too. A large appeal of the area is for birders looking to spot the majestic Resplendent Quetzal. There are other cloudforests like Los Quetzales National Park close to San Gerardo de Dota that is also a lush park, the accommodation is just a little simpler.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS Yoga, palates, clean eating, sustainability and living at one with nature is something Costa Rica has been doing for years. Recently it has become more popular and many of the better eco resorts offer a multitude of health and wellness programs. From intensive and emmersive weeks to just an hour or so a day.

Map of Costa Rica

Map of Costa Rica Costa-rica - San Jose Costa-rica - Nicoya Peninsula Costa-rica - Arenal Costa-rica - Osa Peninsula Costa-rica - Monteverde Costa-rica - Tortuguero

The best hotels in Costa Rica

For such a small country, Costa Rica has a huge variety of hotels that cater for all tastes and budgets. You can get clean, comfortable and well located hotels that are a little simple, but are decent places to rest your head after a busy day.  Aninga Lodge and Spa is a good example of a lodge that is all about location. If you want to be in and amongst the hustle and bustle of all the activities then the multi award winning Nayara is an ideal family hotel that is the most luxurious hotel in Arenal. There is an adult only section that has a super luxurious section just for adults. If peace, serenity and super high quality lodges are what you seek then look no further than Pacuare for a remote wildlife experience and Lapa Rios for a luxury eco lodge in one of the most biodiverse national parks in the world. Get in touch for a friendly chat about the best hotels in Costa Rica.

When to go to Costa Rica

Costa Rica's driest season runs from December to April, and this is also the best time to visit. The ‘green season’, aka the wet and muddy season, runs from April to November, but this is still a good time to visit as the rivers are full, the forests are lush, and if you don’t mind wearing a poncho for the odd afternoon you will love it - another huge pull is that from July onwards turtles lay their eggs on Costa Rican beaches and visiting during these months gives you an opportunity to witness a natural phenomenon. Depending on where you are going, Costa Rica is generally an all year round destination and great in both rainy and dry seasons for different types of Costa Rican travel experiences. Have a look at our best time to visit Costa Rica for climatic charts and weather patterns.


Best hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Holiday Packages

Take a look at our example Costa Rica holiday packages

All of our trips are 100% designed by one of our friendly county specialsits that have an enviable amount of experience and knowledge of all things Costa Rican. We take into account your budget, your timeframe, your interests, your ideal style of hotel and work with you to design the perfect itinerary. For a idea of what a Costa Rica Vacation could look like then have a look at past itineraries that we have designed for our loyal clients. Thank you.

How much does a bespoke Costa Rica Tour cost?

Great question. It is imposible to say as all of our Costa Rica holidays are uniquely designed. As an approximate guidance then the the most economical holiday that we have designed cost $3,200/£2,370 per person for 12 days (excluding international flights). Those seeking a luxurious trip staying at remote and first class eco lodges then a guide price is £4,900/$6,125 per person (excluding international flights). We can cater to your budget and can give you options to consider. We will also never be beaten on price.

Our Tourist Guide to Costa Rica & Costa Rica Blogs

We have written a short tourist guide to Costa Rica which you can read HERE.  We also have a couple of bog entries Top ten reasons to visit Costa Rica and Top ten things to do in Costa Rica that may be of interest. Johnny also visited in November 2020 to have a look at all the COVID19 protocols that have been put in place - watch his short videos HERE. Nothing beats a good conversation with a member of our experienced team, but these articles are good places to start planning your Costa Rica holiday


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