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A Chile Holiday to a country that measures 4,300 km north to south and 177km east to west is all about the great outdoors. Chile stretches like a ribbon between the Andes and the Southern Pacific coast of this vast continent.  From the barren deserts of Atacama in the north, volcanoes and wineries in the Central Valley to cobalt blue lakes and advancing glaciers in the vast Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonian south, Chile tours are always diverse, fascinating and exploratory in theme.

Chile's tourism infrastructure is good, and it has some of the world’s most luxurious and professionally-run lodges. However good the lodges are though, they could never come close to matching the spectacular natural beauty of this dramatic country. You will land in the cosmopolitan bright lights of Santiago to start your adventure, but we think the beauty of Chile lays in the great outdoors.

What are the highlights of a holiday to Chile

  • Patagonian Chile is an absolute must go for nature and the outdoors lovers – raw, vast and wild; you feel truly alone in this canvas of absolute and uninterrupted wilderness
  • The Atacama Desert in the north will leave your senses tingling with its really unique and eerie atmosphere. The stars are only one huge draw of visiting this fascinating part of the country.
  • The Lake District is often overshadowed by Patagonia’s Torres Del Paine but is a hugely romantic and extremely beautiful part of the world, perfect for honeymooners or just the outdoorsy type.
  • Valparaiso is an absolutely charming and completely bewitching coastal city - a must for quirky street lovers and generally those who love to stroll around admiring the sights such as the colourful clifftop homes. 

  • As an extremely long country, it is relatively easy to get around and its atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful. For foodies, Chile is also fantastic with great seafood and excellent wine. With such a huge variety of destinations, there seems to be a bit of everything and a lot to see and do. 

    Map of Chile

    Map of Chile Chile - Chilean Patagonia Chile - Atacama Chile - Santiago Chile - The Lake District

    When to go to Chile

    October to March is the summer season and the best time to visit, however as a result it is also Chile's busiest time. June to August are best if you want to ski. It is also possible to visit Patagonia during these months, but it will be cold and harsh, and a little quieter.

    Our favourite areas of Chile

    Our favourite hotels in Chile

    Chile Itinerary ideas

    Which are the best hotels in Chile?

    Chile really does have a fantastic infrastructure with a fantastic variety of really special hotels to choose from. Whatever your style or holiday type, Chile is sure to have a really perfect option out there for you.

    For a romantic getaway sipping wine in the fresh air, look no further than Clos Apalta Residence which is a really intimate boutiquey paradise in the vineyards surrounding Santiago. For the active thrill seekers out there, be it families honeymooners or the solo adventurer, you can do no wrong with a stay at Explora Patagonia or Tierra Patagonia. Here you will find complete luxury in extraordinary places, where all meals and excursions are included. For absolute privacy, consider the super lux Awasi properties in the Atacama Desert and Patagonia. If you fancy accommodation with a difference, take a look at Stella Australis which will take you on a voyage deep into the fjords and on into Argentina… quite an adventure!

    Take a look at our example itineraries 

    A great place to start when considering a trip to South America is to see our itineraries page. Although we 100% tailor-make all our trips to fit your unique preference, this is useful to get an idea of possibilities and rough prices.  

    How much does a bespoke tour of Chile cost? 

    As a rough starting point, holidays to Chile can be priced upwards from around £4,000/$6,300 per person for a two week tour of Chile, excluding internaitonal flights 

    Our Tourist Guide to Chile

    We have written a short tourist guide to Chile which you can download here. Obviously nothing beats a good conversation on the phone but this is a good place to start planning your Chilean holiday.


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