Santiago & Vineyards

Santiago is a thriving and cosmopolitan capital city overlooked by towering, snowy volcanoes. Culinary delights, bustling markets and trendy neighbourhoods dotted with stylish hotels make Santiago a good place from which to begin exploring this country. Go further out to the vineyards for some pure Chilean relaxation.
It is estimated 40% of the population of Chile lives in Santiago. It is busy, and it is fun. There is lots of life here, to be soaked up at your leisure. For those who are looking for a more countryside beginning to their holiday, we would implore you to consider the vineyards surrounding Santiago, as although it is a great city, the beauty of Chile really lays within the great outdoors!

Santiago & Vineyards – Things to do 

One of the great ways to soak in the city is from above; head up the cable car to get panoramic views of the city from a lovely park. You can also visit a small colonial centre here and wonder around the bohemian and arty neighbourhood of the Bellavista district; you should always take a pit stop in one of the many local cafes for a strong expresso and fresh empanadas.

As an alternative to exploring Santiago, why not hop over and spend your time in the more interesting Valparasio - a bohemian city in the scenic wine regions of Chile. It is a rainbow coloured, quirky and bustling spot with flea markets to be explored and attractive streets and buildings. It's escalators which go up and down the city are an interesting concept and a great way to see this enchanting city from above. Once you are here, this is a great base to then travel a short distance and stay more remotely in the Chilean Wine Valleys. 

Santiago is a good base after your flight, but as a destination it is eclipsed by the dramatic and varied great outdoors of wild Chile beyond. In the vineyards you can enjoy simply admiring the sunset with a glass of delicious Chilean red… 

Santiago & The Vineyards  – Where to stay

Santiago offers a few really fantastic stopover hotels such as The Singular, Luciano K and Lastarria. The Singular offers complete luxury with a stylish and modern feel to it – you would be extremely comfortable staying here after your long haul! For those who prefer little botiquey options, look to Luciano K or the more exclusive Lastarria – both in a fantastic neighbourhood with restaurants and bars right on your doorstep.

The crème de la crème of the vineyard options include the lovely Vik and Clos Apalta. Both of these options boast unbelievable restuarants and award-winning Chilean wine – luxurious and relaxing – there options are all you could want from a vineyard getaway.

Santiago & The Vineyards  – Our opinion  

So Santiago attracts many different visitors, but in all honesty, it really is not as interesting as other South American cities such as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. It is great for a stop over, but you may as well venture out a bit further to the vineyards for true Chilean relaxation.

Santiago & The Vineyards  – Top tip

It is definitely worth spending a few days here at the beginning and/or end of your trip to book end your holiday after and before long haul flights. This way you will be all rearing to go for the rest of your holiday, whether it be star gazing in the Atacama Desert or horse-riding in the Andes... this is where your Chilean adventure starts!! 


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