In the dry, barren and isolated Atacama Desert the weather has created a landscape like no other. A unique environment in which to watch the sun rise over the Valley of the Moon, gaze across the high plateau lagoons, home to flamingos, and observe the stars of the southern hemisphere with such clarity that it is unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.
The Atacama is perched at an altitude of 2,400m between the Pacific Coast and the towering Andean mountains. The dusty village of San Pedro de Atacama is the usual base for exploring this lunar landscape of a forgotten ghostly past.  

The Atacama Desert - Things to do 

As the sun rises over the raggedy landscape of the Valle de la Luna it illuminates the shadows and complexities of the rock formations, and starkly contrasts with the flat plains in every direction.

The Atacama salt flats are also a point of interest with the three different types of flamingos which reside there, and also the various archaeological attractions and geyser fields dotted around attract those with a historical leniency.  
A trip into the Salar de Uyuni salt flats is well worthwhile; the vast, crunchy salt plains play tricks with your sense of perspective and provide some fun photographic opportunities!
Being so remote there is minimal light pollution and the evening’s stars are truly tremendous. You can head out with a local astronomer or enjoy the luminous star show from your doorstep: One of the most magical natural shows on earth. There are also some excellent geysers that add to the overall diversity of this varied and unique land.

Atacama Desert – Where to stay

Luckily, with a stay here you have options of supreme luxury in unbelievable locations. All are 5* in our opinion and which you choose depends on your unique style. As we see it, the only options are Alto, Awasi, Explora and Tierra. All excellent with their own unique style and little touches, contact us for more information on which may suit you the best.

The Atacama Desert - Our opinion

A remote, eerie and peaceful location where there are a number of extremely good lodges that include all excursions, meals and transfers in the price. Getting there almost certainly involves catching a flight to Calama airport so we suggest staying for a minimum of 3 nights in Atacama. It is definitely worth a visit for those with a thirst for adventure in unique landscapes and deserted spaces…

The Atacama Desert - Top tips

Wrap up warm because due to the high altitude it gets very cold at night. Armed with your jumper, enjoy a night cap and goggle at the stars of the southern hemisphere all in the peace of complete Atacama isolation.


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