Easter Island

The wild, remote and relatively tiny Easter Island is located 3700km off the coast of Chile. It is entirely undeveloped, but people are drawn from all over the world to see the 887 moai statues that are dotted over the island.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is extremely remote and undeveloped, but there are opportunities to cycle or walk along a picturesque beach and learn about all the theories as to how these volcanic statues were built, by whom, and how they have survived.

Easter Island – Things to do

The main and only real attraction of Easter Island is the historically intriguing moai statues.

There are many interesting theories as to the origins of the Rpa Nui that are said to weigh up to fifteen tonnes each. A good guide will talk you through all of the different theories at length, and provide further insight and understanding of these statues that many believe date back thousands of years. The widely agreed understanding is that the statues originate from Polynesia. There are over 900 statues and the island has been declared a National Park and a World Heritage Site.

Easter Island - Our opinion

The island is very small, and does not warrant too long a visit as the beaches are freezing and there is little shelter. It is a 6 hour flight from Santiago to get here, and it is really only recommended for those who have a true interest in the statutes or those seeking complete escapism from the rest of the world!  If this is you, then we recommend a stay at the Explora Easter Island or the Hotel Puka Vai.

Easter Island – Top tip

In order to get here you must book early as there are limited flight options to get to this extremely isolated part of the world… Once there though, for the history buffs out there this will be an unforgettable trip.


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