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The Lake District

This is a beautiful and easily accessible area full of wonderful scenery, ranging from rainforest, to snow-capped volcanoes, crystal clear lakes and farming settlements. A few towns are visibly influenced by historic German, Swiss and Austrian settlement.
When exploring the Lake District, most people fly into Puerto Montt and head to nearby Puerto Varas the "City of Roses" on the shores of the lake with views of the two volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco. Whether you are self-driving, trekking or enjoying the vast array of outdoor activities in this area you are sure to enjoy this stunning region of Chile that is often overshadowed by the superstar National Park, Torres del Paine, in Patagonia. But we would say that the Lake District can certainly hold its own.  This is a great stop off for anyhoneymooner.

Where to go in The Lake District

Places to visit include the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, which is located close to Lake Todos los Santos. If you are lucky, you will see puma here and Andean deer roaming around the dramatic Petrohue Falls.
The Chilean Lake District is a gloriously beautiful place, and well worth visiting if you would enjoy easy trekking, fishing and soaking up stunning landscapes. 


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