Patagonia and Torres del Paine

The desolate landscapes of Chilean Patagonia are sheer paradise for those who love exploring the wonders of the natural world. Adventures here take in the vast open steppes, where contrasting rocks are carved sharp by mighty glaciers, and then to idyllic cobalt blue lakes surrounded by forests inhabited by wild deer and guanacos. 
There are multiple national parks that you might want to visit on your Patagonia tour. The most famous and crowd-pulling superstar, Torres del Paine, which is correctly at the top of everyone’s list. For those with a longer amount of time then consider Los Glaciers National Park. Both are truly tremendous. Each has an abundance of jaw dropping scenery and places to explore wherever you look. 

Patagonia can experience four seasons of weather in one day and layers and clothing for all conditions will be needed. November through to the end of March is peak season and by far the best months to visit. 

  • December to  March: Long days with around 18 hours of daylight. Temperatures vary between 3-20 degrees.
  • April: Fewer people and towards the end of the month it gets cooler.
  • May-September: It's winter with lots of snow and Patagonia is mainly deserted.
  • October-December: Summer starts to creep in at the start of October and as the season progresses it gets busier.

  • Chilean Patagonia – Things to do

    On the Chilean side of the border, Patagonia is 1.5 times the size of England. It is vast, and there is so much to see - ideally you would have lots of time for Patagonia travel and exploration. Activities and excursions include trekking, cycling, 4 x 4 drives, fishing, ice trekking and lots more.

    Chilean Patagonia – Where to stay

    Around Torres del Paine National Park there are multiple amazing properties that offer in-house guiding and excursions. Try out Awasi Patagonia if you desire a truly private experience with your own designated driver and guide, Explora Patagonia if you want to stay at the only hotel located within Torres del Paine National Park, or Tierra Patagonia for a stay at a stylish and sustainable family friendly hotel located close to the park.
    A boat cruise through the fjords of southern Chile is a fantastic and different way to see a different side of Patagonia. You can fly down to Punta Arenas and board the Stella Australis and sail to Argentina. Others combine the cruise with a stay at one of the lodges in Torres del Paine to combine land adventure with sea exploration.

    Chilean Patagonia – Our opinion

    We absolutely love Patagonia. How could you not love such a vast wilderness with such diversity? It really is one of the rawest wildernesses left on earth, and whether you are into walking, cycling, horse riding or hard-core trekking, it provides such a welcome break for people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common – a love for wilderness and the great outdoors.

    Chilean Patagonia – Top tips

    Top tips It takes a long time to get to the remote part of the world and we suggest 3 nights at a complete minimum for your stay. This would give you two full days of exploration. Optimum is 4 or 5 nights.

    This region of the world has truly wonderful scenery, like no other place on earth. Being so popular it does get heavily booked up far in advance, so look into booking early. Get in touch to find out about prices and availability.

    How do you get to Patagonia?

    The most common and reliable routes are:

  • From Santiago de Chile you fly to Punta Arenas airport. The flight is around 3.5 hours and if you then head to the lodges in Torres del Paine area it will be a further 4 hours’ drive.
  • From the Lake District you can fly from Puerto Mont to Punta Arenas in just over 2 hours.
  • From Argentina you can take a 5 hour drive from El Calafate to Puerto Natales.

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    Tierra Patagonia: We celebrated our anniversary in a truly enchanting and romantic way that I never thought was possible.
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