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Eolo Lodge

Eolo Lodge is the most exclusive lodge in Argentinain Patagonia. This little lodge is remotely located in 3,000 private hectares with views over Lago Argentina, and it is perfect for those seeking luxury, sophistication and serenity.

Eolo Lodge - The Details

All of the 17 rooms have panoramic views out over Brazo Rico, Lago Argentino or Torres del Paine and the vast and barren lands of Patagonia. Eolo Lodge has a super-comfortable communal space with a large fire, a telescope, a bar, a library and a small pool and sauna. The menu is delicious, the activities diverse and all tailormade, and the lodge truly first class. Cosy up by the fire with a book, or watch fitting documentaries in the TV room to learn more about the area. 

The location is just 30 minutes from El Calafate - so it is a great base for you to go on to explore the Perito Moreno Glacier. 

Experiences at Eolo Lodge

Excursions into Argentinian Patagonia are run by the specialist  in-house guides who will act as your guide/concierge for the duration of your time in this region of Patagonia.  Everything is very relaxed and refined; you can plan activities with your guide whilst looking at a map over afternoon tea. Our favourite excursions include horse-riding on Mount Frias, driving to Lago Roca for a little fly-fishing, trips out to the Perito Moreno and the Upsala glaciers, and much more.




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