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Iquazu Falls is one of South America's ‘Big Five’. Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, vast and thunderous volumes of water create an ideal climate for orchids and birds to flourish. With all its flora and fauna abounding, this is a fierce display of the world’s largest waterfall network.
There are two sides of Iquazu to explore; the Argentinian side has better and closer views from which to fully appreciate the scale of the waterfalls, and from which you are also much more likely to get wet. But a walk around to the Brazilian side is also not to be missed.

What to do at Iquazu Falls

Naturally tourists come in vast numbers to see these world famous waterfalls that lie on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It does get very busy and unfortunately there is now way of avoiding the crowds. Knowing that it will be busy and taking your time to walk around with the crowds as opposed to fighting them like it is rush hour in central London is our advice. 

Aside from the falls the area has a plethora of birdlife, nature trails and a couple of decent golf courses if you are planning on staying in the area for a few days.

Where to stay

The only hotel within the National Park is from the luxury Belmond chain, Das Cataratas. The real selling point of this colonial-style hotel is that you can enjoy the true nature of the place when all of the day trippers have left  - this is the only option for a more private experience of the park. You can walk straight out of the main door and wonder around before it does get really busy. The hotel is a beauty too.


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Where to stay

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