The Pampas

The Pampas are seemingly endless plains where Argentinian macho gauchos (cowboys) wrestle cattle, ride with purpose and feast on succulent barbequed beef. This is a place where a very traditional life still prevails for many.
Visit the Pampas for an authentic experience of cowboy traditional life, and a glimpse into rural Argentina. Time spent with the locals here always includes vast amounts of food, wine and a little music.

What to expect from The Pampas

If you would like to eat spectacular beef, soak up a dose of peace and serenity and experience a whallop of macho Argentinian life, then look no further than The Pampas. There are a number of estancias that have diversified their livelihoods by opening up hotels in the region; the hotels are of a very high quality, and much of what they represent and stand for is traditional Argentinian combined with luxury offerings for the international traveller.

Where to stay

There are some superb estancias (ranches) remotely located on the grasslands that give you an insight into traditional cowboy life here. There are opportunities to try your hand at horseriding, lassoing and even shaving sheep, should you wish to. On the other end of the scale, if you opt for one of the plusher options, there are also spa facilities in which to relax after a day out on the plains.

Top Tips

A stay in The Pampas at the start of your trip is a good introduction to Argentinian life, and a relaxing way to recover from a long international flight. Alternatively, include it at the end of your trip for a few relaxing and quieter days before flying out.


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