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Ecuador has often been described as a microcosm of South America. Down the central highlands are the Andean mountain range where snow-capped volcanoes and towering mountains dominate the skyline. Traditional life is still prevalent with local markets, folk music on the weekends and Andean attire and customs are still very much the way of life. Spending a few days in a traditional hacienda is an immersive way of experiencing the rich history of Ecuador. To the east of the equatorial country is the extremely biodiverse Ecuadorian jungle. Then, offshore, there are the magnificent islands of the Galapagos, like a living Jurassic park. This is a country of extraordinary and unique landscapes.

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Wildlife in the Amazon 
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What are the Highlights of a Holiday in Ecuador?

Ecuador is everything that is great about South America in one country.  It is slightly more off the beaten track than say Chile or Peru, and it is all the better for it! There are some great and very comfortable hotels to enjoy during your trip around Ecuador; our favourites include Hacienda Zuleta for a traditional experience at a hacienda rich in history; the MV Origin for a luxury Galapagos wildlife experience, and for an Amazon Jungle safari then Sani Lodge is bliss.

  • It is a small country, and - with its newly refurbished railway and good, short domestic flights - it is easy to get around.
  • The Galapagos Islands are invariably the main attraction, but mainland Ecuador should not be overlooked, as there is astounding diversity in landscapes and regions to be discovered.
  • Scenes of snowy-capped peaks ruuning down teh central Andean mountains.
  • Luscious vegetation buzzing with wildlife in the cloudforest or Jungle.

    A Ecuador Holiday is ideal for a first visit to an Andean South American country where you can have multiple experiences without having to travel around all the time. Ecuador also boasts many "off the beaten track" adventurers for the seasoned traveller searching for something different and unique. The people of Ecuador are also extremely hospitable, friendly and fun people to spend time with.

  • Ecuador boasts many attractions for the whole family, honeymooners or even the solo adventure seekers. Your holiday may involve anything from listening to the flurry of birds and spotting fresh water dophins in the almost uninhabited Ecuadorian Amazon, strolling around the gorgeous UNESCO city of Cuenca and soaking in the deep-seated culture of this very traditional country, or taking a flight to the magical spectacle of nature that is the Galapagos Islands - Equador is a great destination, with something for everyone. 

    Map of Ecuador

    Map of Ecuador Ecuador - Mindo Ecuador - Cuenca Ecuador - The Galapagos Islands Ecuador - Quito Ecuador - Otavalo Ecuador - Ecuadorian Amazon

    Ecuador - When to go

    The driest months are June to September down the central Andean region when the days are sunny adn bright,a dn the evenigns refreshing chilly. a Galpagos Holiday is a year around destination, but with every seasons brings different natural spectacles. Download our free Galapagos Guide for further information.  
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    Best of ecuador

    Ecuadors top hotels


    Tourist Guide to Ecuador

    We have written a short tourist guide to Ecuador, which you can download here. Obviously nothing beats a good conversation on the phone - but this is a good place to start planning your Ecuador Holiday.
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