Ecuador Holidays & Galapagos Island Cruises

An Ecuador holiday invariably includes a Galapagos Cruise or visit to the enchanted islands. The majority of tourists land in Ecuador to catch their domestic flight to the Galapagos Island for their Galapagos Holiday.  Who can blame them as the Galapagos Islands are a truly spectacular and unique location. Ecuador is a beautiful country with so much to bookend your Galapagos island travel with.

Down the central highlands are the Andean mountain range where snow-capped volcanoes and towering mountains dominate the skyline. Traditional Andean customs, beliefs and life is still prevalent throughout the mountainous region. To the east of the equatorial country is the extremely biodiverse Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.


Things to do in Ecuador

A Ecuador Holiday is the perfect choice for a South American Holiday as you can have multiple experiences in a variety of ecosystems without having to take lengthy flights. Although relatively small, an Ecuador Vacation is packed full of possibilities. Below you can read our top things to do in Ecuador.

  • The Galapagos Islands are invariably the main attraction, the majestic archipelago continues to enchant visitors from across the globe in search of first class wildlife encounters. Embarking on a Galapagos Islands Cruise is by far the best way to experience and learn about the unique and enchanated islands.
  • The Andean Mountains run all the way down the centrre of the Ecuador. Spending time in the capital city of Quito that has protected UNESCO World Heritage Site status is a must. Abundant with spectacualr Catholic Churches, leafy plazas and governmental building make Quito a popular city to explore. The skyline is dominated by snow capped volcanoes.
  • A short flight from Quito or Guayaquil takes you deep into the Amazon Jungle. The best way to experience the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador is to stay at one of the remote eco lodges where their in house guides run daily excursions. The widlife, the serenity and the local communities are wonderful
  • Staying at a working ranch (known locally as an estancia) offers you a little time to unwind, enjoy time go by at a slower pace, and get involved with as many, or as little, as the excursiosn on offer. The estancias of Ecuador all have a fascinating history and a few days at one, either before or after a Galapagos Cruise, is highly recommended.

    Ecuador boasts many attractions for the whole family, honeymooners or even the solo adventure seekers. Your holiday may involve anything from listening to the flurry of birds and spotting fresh water dophins in the almost uninhabited Ecuadorian Amazon, strolling around the gorgeous UNESCO city of Cuenca and soaking in the deep-seated culture of this very traditional country, or taking a flight to the magical spectacle of nature that is the Galapagos Islands - Ecuador is a great destination, with something for everyone.

  • Map of Ecuador

    Map of Ecuador Ecuador - Mindo Ecuador - Cuenca Ecuador - The Galapagos Islands Ecuador - Quito Ecuador - Otavalo Ecuador - Ecuadorian Amazon

    Best hotels in Ecuador

    There are some very comfortable and characterful hotels to enjoy during your Ecuador holiday. Whether you are looking at staying at a working estancia such as Hacienda Zuleta for a traditional experience in the Andean Mountains, a remote luxury eco lodge in the middle of the Amazon Jungle run by the local indigenous community like Napo Wildlife Centre, a luxurious cruise aboard the Relais & Chateaux MV Origin or a stay in a former presidential mansion in teh heart of historical Quito at Casa Gangotena, Ecuador has lots of choice. They are all very different and offer something unique.

    South America Odyssey we do things differently to other operators, as we only suggest and book hotels that we have personally stayed at and fully trust what they offer. If they do not reach the standads that we demmand, we wont work with them as we believe that your experience of Ecuador should be perfect.

    Best time to visit Ecuador

    For information on the best time to visit Ecuador then have a look at our Best Time to Visit Ecuador & The Galapagos page As a very rough guide the-the driest months are June to September down the central Andean region when the days are sunny and bright, and the evenings refreshingly chilly. a Galpagos Holiday is a year around destination, but with every seasons brings different natural spectacles. Download our free Galapagos Guide for further information.  Please fo get in touch if you ahve any questions.
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    Wonderful Ecuador Areas

    Ecuadors best hotels

    Ecuador HOLIDAY & Galapagos cruise

    Tourist Guide to Ecuador

    We have written a short tourist guide to Ecuador, which you can download here. Obviously nothing beats a good conversation on the phone - but this is a good place to start planning your Ecuador Holiday.
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