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Ecuador Amazon

The Amazonian rainforest in eastern Ecuador is a densely rich wildlife region with a character all of its own. With its own weather patterns and distinct culture, the forest provides quiet and beautiful opportunities for experiencing an awe-inspiring array of natural wildlife. 
There is so much going on here! The Equadorian Amazonian rainforest is home to around 800 different species of fish, 350 species of reptiles, more than 300 mammals and an estimated 1600 bird species. Among the thousands of plants and trees that make up this region of Amazon rainforest there are a number of local tribes who have inhabited these magical realms for many thousands of years. Many of these indigenous tribes are now under ever-increasing threat from the processes of logging and oil extraction.

The Ecuadorian Amazon - Things to do

Those who do come here are rewarded with a wealth of wildlife in a quiet and unique - although severely threatened - natural wonderland.

Specific activities include visiting the parrot lick, a fantastically colourful natural phenomenon in which many species of parrot gather and chatter. You can also take canoe rides and experience the rainforest from a slightly different perspective. The staple activity is taking walking tours, by which you gain close up knowledge and appreciation of the small creatures which sustain this extraordinary and dense environment. 

The Ecuadorian Amazon - Where to stay

There are many lodges accessible via a short flight and then a 4x4 or/and boat ride along the river. The experience is one of travelling into the wild to reach your remote lodge - Sani Lodge is our top tip recommendation.

The Ecuadorian Amazon - Our opinion

The Ecuadorian Amazon is often overlooked by the pilgrimage of nature lovers heading for the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands, but this rainforest is well worth a visit. Bigger mammals are difficut to see because of the density of the rainforest, but for nature and botany lovers it is a great place to visit. 

The Ecuadorian Amazon - Top tip

We recommend rising early to lie in your hammock and listen to the unique noises of the forest, fending off the morning chill with a hot cup of fresh local coffee. 


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