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South America Safaris

South America is the continent that has a lot of everything to suit each individual traveller's desires.  And when it comes to wildlife, you would be hard pushed to find a more diverse range of animals and flora anywhere in the world.  Althouh Africa is traditionally the home of the safari holiday, South America has much to offer. 
With its biodiverse ecosystems, cloud forests, deserts, mountains, waterfalls, rainforests, ice caps, flora and fauna if you are a wildlife lover you are in for a treat.

Best Safari Countries

We recommend safariing in Brazil, Ecuador and Costa Rica.  These three countries, spaced out throughout the continent will allow you to really explore the mixed topography of the land. 

Starting in Costa Rica's more Caribbean climate you will find volcanoes, mountains and thick rainforest canopies to explore and search for sloths, turtles and birds.

The Galapagos Island sitting to the west of Ecuador, on the equator where the North and South Pacifics meet, provide a totally different ecosystem to the rest of the continent.  With both warm and cool waters the sealife is hugely diverse and if you explore below the surface you will encounter dolphins, whales, seals, manta ray, sharks, turtles and much more.
For the real jungle experience head to Brazil.  Not only do you have the Amazon and the Panatal to explore but also the breathtaking guacu Falls.  

Where to stay

Instead of the iconic African four by four vehicles, in South America, safaris are mostly done by boat or on foot.  If you want to spend more than a trip exploring these safari destinations then staying aboard a cruiser is probably the way to go.

Worldwide Safari Locations

of course South America is not the most traditional safari destinations - for information about other safaris please see our Tanzania Safari page, or our Africa Safari page

Best Safari Hotels




Although we tailor-make all our trips we have reproduced a number of popular itineraries here

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