Monteverde Cloudforest

Monteverde in Costa Rica is a wonderful example of a mossy, dense and lush cloud forest that is abundant with wildlife. Spending a few days here on your Costa Rica Vacation is a amazing opportunity to experience this distinctive ecosystem - an amazing world in which you half expect to meet Tarzan, swinging from the treetops.
Most people come here in search of the resplendent Quetzal that lives in vast numbers in the trees, but this lush cloud forest ecosystem supports over 100 species of mamals, 400 birds, 2,500 plant varieties and thousands of insects. It is a superb place to visit for a South America Safari. After the second World War, groups of Quakers moved into the area to set up an agricultural community. The agricultural economy in Monteverde now comes second to tourism, but the Quaker community continues to thrive.

Monteverde - Things to do

The activities here include generally soaking in the unique atmosphere and scenery which this cloud forest offers as well as Quetzal Spotting Tours, and a pre-arranged exclusive tour of Bosque De Paz Nature Reserve - a tourist restricted area. It has a huge wealth of fauna and insects to examine and gape at, all with little human company in a pristine example of untouched nature. 

Monteverde - Where to stay

Although Monteverde is a popular forest there are limited hotels. Generally speaking, the better options here are smaller to mid-range, which have good local character and are well-located to explore the area. Our favourite is the alpine atmosphere of Belmar. 

Monteverde - Our opinion

Monteverde is a fantastic example of a cloud forest, and if scenery and botany interests you then it is a beautiful habitat, even if it does get busy at peak times. 

Monteverde - Top tip

Santa Elena is a quieter National Park where you will have a greater chance of spotting the Resplendent Quetzal.

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