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Cuba Holidays

A Cuba Holiday on the intriguing Caribbean island that is famed for its revolutionary history and its slow progress into the modern 21st century should be at the top of every intrepid travellers list. Now is the perfect time to visit Cuba as this country that moves to a unique and mesmerising rhythm begins to change. We love Cuba and are full of ideas and tips about what you could do on your Cuba Vacation.

Why visit Cuba?

Visiting Cuba is taking a step back in time, leaving modern luxuries behind and experiencing something unique, intriguing, confusing and truly wonderful.

What are the highlights of a Cuba holiday?

  • Music is the soul of this largest of the Caribbean islands where dilapidated buildings are crumbling after years without love nor investment. Behind the crumbling exteriors you will find pokey taverns serving zesty mojitos and lively musical entertainment served by infectious charismatic Cubans.
  • Revolutionary History.Throughout the country there are statues that pay homage to the martyrs of the revolution, huge billboards with political messages and there is no shortage of Cuban flags reminding you of where you are. 
  • Cigars. Cuba also boasts spectacular green rural tobacco growing fields where the pace of life is extremely slow and relaxed as the comrades work the fields with ox and cart. 
  • Beaches. In Cuba you will also find world class beaches that surround the island.

  • Do you need a guide when visiting Cuba?

    A little knowledge goes a long way in Cuba. Over the years the team here have learnt so much about the idiosyncrasies and challenges of travelling across the island. Our trusted and hand selected experienced guides and our people in the country turn a reasonable trip into an exceptional one as they help you get under the skin of this communist island. To find out more about why we love Cuba so much and why visiting Cuba sooner rather than later is a must for the interested and intrepid traveller then please do get in touch.

    When is the best time to visit Cuba?

    The best time to visit Cuba is from early December - April. During thse months it is usually hot and dry. Expect daily temperatures between 20-29°C. April begins to get more and more humid as you approach the hurricane season in September and October (we strongly advise not travelling to Cuba in these months).

    Map of Cuba

    Map of Cuba Cuba - Cienfuegos Cuba - Havana Cuba - Santiago Cuba - Trinidad Cuba - Vinales

    How much does a Cuba holiday cost?

    All of our trips are always designed to suit your interests and budget. As a guidance, a 12 day trip to Cuba price starts at $2,500/£1851 per person.

    Has Cuba changed much over the past few years?

    We often get asked if is is still worth visiting Cuba or is it too late. Cuba is still very much worth visiting. There have been some small changes to the law allowing individuals to set up small hotels and businesses and not everyone is employed by the state. But Cuba is very similar to what is was has been for a hundred years or so. A country full of intrigue, history and charisma. 
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