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Santiago De Cuba

Santiago de Cuba lies on the east of the island and is known for its role in the revolution lef by Fidel Castro and it's culture that has been heavily influenced by Afro-Caribbean beliefs and immigration.
Santiago de Cuba is a steamy, busy and rebelious city made famous by it being the birthplace of Bacardi rum, the launching point of the first failed Cuban coup by Fidel Castro and being the home of the rhythmic beats of son music.
This city is not for everyone as the oppressive heat and the long journey to reach this city can defeat the hardiest of adventurers. Those that make the trip will experience eastern Cuban in its raw and natural form.

What to do in Santiago de Cuba?

Basing yourself in Santiago is a good option to explore the eastern area of Cuba and the city. Whilst here our top 5 places to viist are;
  • Revolution Plaza-most Cuban cities have some homage to the revolution. This square is worth seeing.
  • Moncada Barracks-the first act of Fidel Castro and his revolutionary movement where he was captured and exiled to Mexico.
  • Cespedes Park-a leafy and traditional old park with UNESCO status
  • Castillo de San Pedro- the fortress that protected the city from pirates
  • La Gran Piedra-a hike up to a stunning view point

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    Map of Cuba

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