Vinales is located in the lush Pinar del Rio province in western Cuba. The micro climate of this area is perfect for producing one of the country’s most iconic exports – the cigar. A Cuba Holiday including Vinales gives the intrepid traveller an insight into rural, traditional and sleepy heart of Cuba.

What is there to do in Vinales?

Pinar del Rio has a very distinctive landscape. Rising above the plains are limestone mountains, also known as ‘mogotes’, and we will recommend a couple of super locations here from which to sit back and and enjoy this spectacular setting.

The sleepy town has a main square and a couple of dusty streets that are like ghost towns during the day, as the locals are out in the fields working. At night, the younger and energetic youth listen to music and flirt, whilst the older generations sit back in their rocking chairs and watch the sun set over these green and gorgeous lands.

During the day, consider horseriding out to a tobacco plantation, heading to a beach island or visiting the caves - all of which are a good way to explore the region.

We love Vinales!

A couple of our South America Odyssey specialists have travelled, lived and experienced most areas of the amazing country of Cuba. We would love to put our experience to good use, to design your perfect Cuba Holiday including some time in Vinales. We look forward to speaking to you.

Would you like more Vinales information?

If you would like to speak to us and hear more about encorporating Vinales into your Cuba Holiday then please do get in touch for ideas and inside information.


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