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South America Beaches

South America is blessed with a variety of different beaches from the roller waves off the Pacific on the western side of the continent, to the calmer waters of southern Brazil, to the vast virgin beaches of Venezuela on the Caribbean and the more rustic beaches of Uruguay that look out over the Atlantic Ocean... all offer something completely different to quench your beach holiday thirst. 
Whether you are looking for surf, crystal clear waters for snorkelling or nice calm tides for paddle boarding - there'll be something for you along the vast South American coastline. It all boils down to when you want to travel and what style of accommodation you are looking for! We tend to love the smaller boutique luxury options with bundles of character, preferably located close to local towns and villages for some delicious evening meals, and maybe a little cocktail...

Why choose South America for a beach holiday? 

1. The surfing! Some of the really interesting South American coastlines offer some really exceptional surfing experiences, completely unique to this vast and wild continent.
2. Amazing nature and brilliant beaches sit side by side on many pockets of South American coastline. Be in a tropical forest one moment surrounded by the buzz of life all around, and quite literally take one step and find yourself in a beachy paradise… all within a few feet of your home away from home!
3. In comparison to many other places in the world, the beaches of Brazil are vast and beautifully deserted. Take a stroll down these undiscovered shores all in the radiant sunshine and amazingly have this all to yourself.
4. The Galapagos Islands offer probably the most unique and exceptional beach experience in the world… Hope off your luxury boat and enjoy many different beaches, all with the unbelievable and unique surrounding Galapagos wildlife.
5. The Caribbean. This part of the world is what people imagine when they envisage a beach paradise of turquoise waters and glittering white beaches. It really is as good as you could imagine!

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How much does it cost to go on a South America beach holiday? 

Whatever your budget, South America caters to all travellers. To give you a little idea though, Uruguay tends to appeal to those seeking exclusivity at some of the continents best beach properties and similarly Brazil is home to the most glamorous. Costa Rica is probably the most economical options, yet still with many pockets of complete beachy heaven. Cuba has some really unbelievable deserted beaches which are completely dreamy. 

When to go on a South America beach holiday 

Being such a vast continent with a number of climatic patterns means that there is always a hot and sunny beach to visit throughout the year. Speak to one of our experts and they would love to tell you all about the best places to visit and at what time of the year.

What activities are on offer on a beach holiday to South America?

The South American coastline offers all the beach activities you could ever imagine Pop over to Costa Rica for the trendy surfing hub of Tamarindo, or have a go at some of the best windsurfing in the world off the coast of North-East Brazil. If you like the wonders of the deep sea, experience a completely one of a kind diving experience in the nucleus of the natural world - the colourful Galapagos Islands - to enjoy some world class diving. Or if you really just want to keep your feet in the sand then enjoy some sports on the beach in the vibrant city of Rio. If you are into horses or just love to experience new things, then Uruguay has some really great riding along it's wild beach for you to try out… as you can see, the possibilities seem endless for a South American beach holiday.  

What are the best beach accommodation options in South America? 

Lapa Rios is one of our favourite beach accommodation choices and is situated in the wild, romantic and beautiful Osa Peninsula – the southern tip of Costa Rica. The location is world class for complete isolation and the lodge is real luxury.

Playa Vik is probably one of South America’s flagship beach properties. Located in Uruguay, it boats some exceptional design and really leaves itself open to the beautiful beach it sits on. Here you can expect ultimate luxury and amazing service.

MV Origin is out favourite mobile beach accommodation! It is actually a boat which cruises around the Galapagos Islands stopping off at a number of glorious beaches for you to enjoy. With a hot tub and all the modcons you could ever want as well as being a cosy option, it is our favourite boat.

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