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Playa Vik

Exclusive, chic and one of South America's iconic beach properties for those that appreciate the absolute best. Style, cutting edge design combines with the laid back and private vibe at Playa VIK.

The Details

This super slick hotel located around 10 miles away from the boutique designer shops and chilled cocktail bars of super exclusive Punta del Este is sheer bliss.

Art, mainly contemporary from acclaimed artists like Zaha Hadid and James Turrell adorn the walls of the communal living area. Art, chic, style and a private property with panoramic vistas out over the Atlantic Ocean and Playa Mansa below.

Playa VIK has an outside inifnity pool that extends out towards the ocean, a little gym, a wine cellar, a library, a large terrace, a firepit and a good sized spa facility.

The Accommodation

Each room is 100% individual and contemporary.  Different artists and inspirations are evident in every room from the bespoke furniture to the walls that are eclectically decorated.There are four large suites in the main building and three houses (two have three bedrooms and three have three bedrooms) on the property. The rooms are all individual in style with contemporary art and sculptures.

Things to do nearby

The area is about chilling, boutique shope and fantastic little fish restaurants. Why not rent a car for a day and visit oee of the local wineries or olive fields to get a tate of a country that has more cows than people.




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