Best time to visit South America

Best time to go on holiday to South America

When considering the best time to visit South America it is important to consider all the different microclimates and weather variations throughout each country. You can find more information on a specific country by clicking below boxes. Of course, for further advice on the best time to visit South America please do get in touch.
The north of South America (Peru, Ecuador, northern Brazil)
The best time to visit Peru, Ecuador and northern Brazil is from April to October. During these months you can expect dry and sunny days. Whilst at altitude int eh Andean mountain regions the temperature drops considerbly at night making it pleasant for sleeping. The temperature in the Amazon remains constant throughout the year, but this is the drier season. 

The south of South America (Chile, Argentina, southern Brazil, Antarctica, Uruguay)
The best months to visit Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are from late October- March. These are the “summer” months in these countries. The weather in most places is extremely stable. However, in Torres del Paine in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) you can easily experience a few seasons in one day- but that is all part of the adventure! This is the only time of year that you can visit Antarctica as outside these months the expedition boats don’t sail due to the harsh weather.
There are areas are South America that can be visited all year. The Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination. 

Best time to go on holiday to Central America (Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba)

The best time to visit Central America and discover countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala are from November- late March. These are the sunny and drier months. Outside of these months the countries do become quieter and there are still areas where the weather is extremely good. For example, Costa Rica can be visited year-round, but we advise against travel in September and early October when it can be very humid, wet and with the potential for tropical storms. Outside of the peak seasons you can get some very good discounts and experience the countries for less. You might just have to don a poncho from time to time as tropical downpours can surpise you. 





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