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The Pantanal

The Pantanal is a vast wetland that stretches across three countries - Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The Pantanal is the world’s largest freshwater wetland, and home to lots of wildlife, including jaguar.

Many come to spot the jaguar and we recommend a lodge that offers guests a very high chance of seeing these beautiful animals in the wild. Wildlife spotting in the Pantanal is surprisingly easy when the seasonal flooding subsides (April-September) and the ecosystem of ponds, streams and lakes is at its most accessible. You can spot storks, capybara, caiman, parrots, puma and jaguars among others.

The Pantanal - What to Do

A trip to the Pantanal is all about the wildlife and taking part in excursions that enable you to see the best of this unique and fantastic habitat. For those in search of jaguar, then there are a couple of lodges that are by far the best located and give you the best chance of spotting them. Aside from looking for jaguar you can trek, horsehide through the marchland, go out in the jeeps and swing in the hammock of your lodge enjoying the sounds of nature.

The Pantanal - Where to Stay 

Most come to the Pantanal to see jaguars, and therefore we highly recommend one of our favourite lodges in the continent where they run a superb conservation and jaguar tracking program, Caiman Ecological Reserve. This lodge is located in the south of the wetland where there is the highest concentration of cats.

The Pantanal - Our Opinion

The Pantanal provides the best wildlife experience in Brazil, especially if you visit after the rainy season from April to September, when the floods retreat and smaller watering holes draw a plethora of animals, which can be clearly viewed at this time.

The Pantanal - Top Tip 

If it is all about jaguar, then speak to us about taking part in the jaguar tracking program for one of your days. Spaces are limited.


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