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The cobbled Portuguese-style streets of Salvador are scented with African cuisine and alive with local ceremonial folk lore. It is a strangely diverse cultural melting pot, and, as a result, it is an exciting and unique city.
Salvador, the capital of the Bahia province, is a mystical city full of small winding alleys, brightly coloured painted buildings and market stalls selling local produce and folkloric art to the tourists that visit the colonial quarter of the city.

Apart from spending time exploring the cobbled streets of the historic quarter you can try your feet at capoeira, a local martial art turned dance brought to the region by West Africans in the 16th century.

Out and About in Salvadore

It is good fun to watch a local religious ceremony from the African Yoruba tribe; they usually involve lots of noise and chanting when they reconnect with gods.

Our Opinion

Salvador has a very distinct feel, unlike other places in Brazil that have been heavily influenced by European colonisation. It is well worth a visit and there are some wonderful beaches nearby.

Top tip

We can arrange for a walking tour and cooking class with a local chef. Due to the proximity to the ocean there is normally a seafood element to the food that you learn to cook.


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