Cuban Beaches

Cuba is an island located slap-bang in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, with miles upon miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear hot waters. 

What is the accommodation on Cuban beaches like?

Unlike other wonderful beaches around the world that have a huge mixture of size, stlye, price and location, Cuban beach hotel options are more restricted as all beachfront hotels are owned by the Cuban Government, which works with international companies who run the hotels as minority shareholders. This limits your choice to generally huge, uninspiring block hotels. Saying that, there are still some good options, and increasingly more small, private ventures are popping up. With various manouvres and accessions to local architecture and styles, we still feel that it works very well to end your Cuba holiday on a beach for a few days, and it remains popular among many of our clients.

There are three main styles of hotels that you could opt for.
  • Small island. There is one island in Cuba where they have very basic bungalows that you can rent for a few days. The island has crystal clear waters and every evening food is a BBQ with lots of sea food. It is basic, beautiful and extremely quiet.
  • Nearby town to a beach. An option is to stay in one of the towns and make day trips out to the beaches so that you have the advantage of restaurants and something to do in the evenings, yet still with a Cuban feel.
  • All Inclusive Hotel. You could decide to stay in one of the more developed internationally run all-inclusive options for some relative comfort after a touring itinerary around the country. There are a couple of places that are a little grim and full of hundreds of hotels. Our preference is to opt for a quieter peninsula with fewer hotels where the beaches are just as good.
  • Include a beach stop on your Cuba Holiday

    Cuba is quite often a shock to the system, as it is a passionate, strange country. Spending a few days at the beach at either end or midway through your trip is a great idea that often works to unwind and absorb your impressions of this superb land.

    Would you like to hear more about Cuban beaches for your Cuba Holiday?

    We would love to speak to you all about the different options. If you are looking for a quiet little hotel by a quiet beach, or a town that is within easy reach or the beach to a larger all-inclusive beach for a little more comfort. We know the best places. Do get in touch for a friendly chat.




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    Map of Cuba

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