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Costa Rica Safari Holidays

With a combination of volcanoes, cloud forests and stunning National Parks, the safari landscapes of Costa Rica make up 6% of the world’s biodiversity. This is a wildlife haven, and easy fun for safari goers of all ages. 

Why choose a Costa Rica wildlife safari ? 

  • You can explore much of Costa Rica on foot or by boat, allowing for superb, close-up wildlife viewing.
  • When compared to Africa, or other more prolific wildlife destinations, it is MUCH less expensive!
  • The wildlife and eco-systems are truly diverse in Costa Rica – There is a huge amount of really unique wildlife. Among others, you can expect to see jaguars, sloths, monkeys, bats and armadillo and hundreds of species of birds. Over 150 reptiles and amphibians  thrive here, including tree frogs and dart frogs, snakes, caiman, lizards and iguanas.
  • Tortuguero National Park and its turtles! Known as 'The Little Amazon', Tortuguero is a really extraordinary place with diverse landscapes home to some wonderful species, even notwithstanding the turtles... The National Park was originally created to protect the nesting Green Turtles and so is a fantastic place to view these endangered species. Other species include leatherbacks, olive ridleys, loggerheads and hawksbills.
  • Underwater safaris have never been easier to combine with on-land safaris than in Costa Rica! And with a huge choice of amazing beach options, you can go diving and experience wildlife on the flip side!

  • Which are the best wildlife viewing lodges in Costa Rica?

    Many of the lodges are tucked into the rainforest, making your stay here truly special. All the lodges are eco-friendly, colourful and very comfortable.  After a day of travelling into the rainforest, come back to the lodge and treat yourself to a swim in the hotel pools or a trip to their spas.


    Costa Rica wildlife tours itinerary planning

    Begin your wildlife round trip of Costa Rica in the unbelievable Tortuguero National Park – the natural life nucleus of the country. Then, after about 4 nights here, take a hop over to the cloud forests of Monteverde to experience a birder’s absolute paradise. When you have had enough time exploring the diverse inland fauna,then head down the beautiful, protected, wild and bushy Osa Peninsula for a pristine and outback safari experience in complete tropical rainforest tranquillity. While here, go diving on the flip side for some further amazing underwater wildlife experiences. The possibilities for wildlife adventures in Costa Rica are really fantastic.





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    Map of Costa Rica

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