Mindo is an incredibly dense cloud forest, a magical place where moss clings to the foliage to create a lush environment in which a vast array of birdlife, butterflies and orchids thrive.
Anyone with a passion for the great outdoors and fresh air will love Mindo for its natural beauty. Birders, hikers, cyclers and those that enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors always love Mindo.

The highlights of Mindo Cloudforest

Ideally located only two hours from Quito, Mindo provides a fantastic experience of another, completely unique ecosystem. Mindo is a must for birders, who will be in their element. Both novice and professional, always particularly enjoy the area as there are over 500 bird species living in this unique habitat. In just a few days here you will spot a variety of toucans, hummingbirds, trogons and quetzals.

Alongside the birdlife, there are cascading waterfalls, masses of nature trails and a couple of spots to try some gentle rafting. It is a beautiful spot that adds something different to an Ecudorian holiday.
You can reach Mindo in around 2 hours from the capital Quito; a relatively short journey in order to witness a completely different habitat, away from the high altitude of the Andean mountain range

The best hotel in Mindo

Dotted around the cloud forest are a number of very comfortable lodges, all of which are great bases from which to explore the forest and all it has to offer. There are no super luxurious lodges in this area; if you prefer to sleep in very high quality accommodation then I would suggest that you visit Mindo as a day trip.


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