Ibera Wetlands Holiday

The vast and biodiverse ecosystem of the Ibera Wetlands in north-west Argentina is a superb location for any wildlife enthusiast. This landscape is a network of swamps, floating vegetation and marshland, home to over 300 different bird species, and a huge variety of mammals and fish species.
The Ibera Wetlands, despite having very good press, are not as frequented as the Amazon or the Pantanal, making your experience here quieter and more intimate. Capybara, anacondas and armadillos are among the many animals that you might see here, inhabiting these heavily protected marshlands.

Where to stay in the Ibera Wetlands

There are a couple of simpler accommodation options that are remotely located and give you the best wildlife viewing opportunities in this region. Typically all of your meals and touring costs will be included in the price.

How do you get around?

Touring around the Ibera Wetlands is comparable to a traditional safari where you move around every couple of days. Getting around often involves 4 x4 journeys and/or horse riding. Horse riding is not compulsory, but it is good fun and can be done even if you have never rode a horse prior to your trip.

We love the Ibera Wetlands

The Ibera Wetlands are one of the most underrated areas of exploration in South America and a trip here certainly makes you feel well ahead of the curve. Accommodation is simple and the experience is authentic as you encounter many locals ranging from those that work in the small hotels to the gauchos (cowboys) that roam the lands with their migrating cattle.


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