Top ten things to do in Costa Rica

27th July 2020

Costa Rica is a small Central American country blessed with beaches, rainforests, volcanic national parks, flooded mangroves and mountains. Tourists visit Costa Rica to explore these different regions and experience the beauty and biodiversity.

There are lots of fun, varied and exciting activities to fill your days and explore the different regions. We have tried and tested lots and lots of excursions in Costa Rica and here are our top ten favourite things to do in Costa Rica.

1) Hanging bridges

Exploring one of the country’s 27 National Parks is often top of our guests wish list. One of the absolute best ways to enjoy the beauty of the national park is to see them from the hanging bridges. The small towns of Arenal and Monteverde have the best hanging bridges that give you sweeping views over the jungle canopy.

2) Zip wire through the forest canopy

Zip wiring in a very popular excursion for those looking for an adrenaline fuelled buzz. There are a couple of different centres in Costa Rica that run this blood racing activity. Close to the small town of Arenal you will find one of the best places to go zip wiring in Costa Rica. Their zip wires are the longest of all zip wires in Latin America and the views from the start point down the valley towards the volcano is majestic.

3) Nocturnal nature trail

Turning on your flash light and heading out with a top local guide is an interesting way to see up close and personal how the tropical forests come alive after dark.

4) Hot Springs

There are a couple of locations in Costa Rica where you will find natural hot springs. Soothing your muscles with a refreshing drink in one hand is a super relaxing way of spending a few hours kicking back. We suggest going after dark as the springs tend to be quieter and it is beautiful looking up at the stars.

5) Birding

Birders travel far and wide to get a glimpse of the birds of Costa Rica, of which there are over 900. Birding is not just for the avid birder as even the complete novice can get caught up in the moment at the prospect of seeing one of the most famous and colourful birds in the world- the Resplendent Quetzal. Throughout the country you will see the bright colours and hear the distinct songs of the birds of Costa Rica.

6) Volcanoes

Central Costa Rica boats lots of volcanoes that can be seen whist driving around the country. Trekking in the national parks is one of the best ways to enjoy the volcanoes up close. Alternatively, there are some volcanoes that you can derive up to the crater of for views from the top.

7) Chocolate and Coffee tasting

Costa Rican chocolate and coffee is famous across the globe. For the chocolate lovers there are some excellent small workshops at little organic farms that teach you all about chocolate before putting your skills to the test as you make your own chocolate. Coffee lovers can also learn about everything coffee and take part in a tasting session as you refine your skills at tasting the subtle differences in coffee.

8) Boat trips through the flooded mangroves

Meandering slowly through the flooded mangroves swamps looking out for monkeys, caiman, basilik lizards, turtles and more is a calm way of getting quite close to the animals that you would otherwise only be able to see from distance.

9) Snorkel at a marine reserve

There are a number of very good snorkeling location in Costa Rica for those with an interest in marine life. A day trip to Cano Island is highly recommended as the protected island is a hotbed of activity. For those looking to snorkel close to their hotel then there are a couple of hotels that have calm bays that are also good for snorkeling. Speak to us to hear about which hotels are the best for those interested in snorkeling.

10) Cocktails on the coast

Finishing your Costa Rica holiday on the Pacific Coast is a great way to round off your holiday. Sipping a refreshing cocktail after a day on the beach whilst watching the sunset over the Pacific is the best way to start your evening.

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