Top Five Cultural Experiences in Latin America for 2019

28th November 2018

Getting underneath the cultural skin is often a reason our clients give us for the purpose of their South America Holiday. The team at South America Odyssey have (eventually..) agreed on our top five cultural experiences that we think you should consider for 2019.  Have a look at our list, or for further ideas about the many other different experiences please do get in touch.

  1.  Oaxaca Artisans

Oaxaca is situated in southern central Mexico, and is an absolute gem in terms of history & gastronomy. This UNESCO protected city has leafy plazas, historical cobbled streets, bustling markets and a distinctive indigenous feel. This gorgeous city rates as one of the teams favourite Latin American cities. Outside of the city you will find some of Latin Americas most skilled and recognised artisans. Crafts range from black pottery to Alejibres. Zeny Fuentes, an artisan with a small alejibre workshop is a must visit for anyone  interested in the local customs, beliefs, art as well as seeing first hand the work of an internationally renowned artist.

  1. Cuban Jazz & Salsa

A Cuba holiday is not complete without an evening soaking up the unique rhythm of the island listening to the local musicians entertain, Cuban style! Think big bands, lots of brass instruments, super vocalists and  Cubans enthralling tourists with their elaborate silky salsa skills.

  1. Argentina Asado

An Argentine Asado is a pilgrimage for meat lovers with a thirst for a long afternoon getting your chops around arguably the worlds finest cuts of meat, all washed down with copious amounts or red wine. There are some fantastic estancias (ranches) where you can feast like a local, and enjoy local music and good company. A perfect Sunday afternoon on an Argentina Holiday.

  1. Trek to Machu Picchu

For those lucky enough to secure the limited permits to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu then you are in for a special four days. As you ascend through the Sacred mountains over ancient cobbled roads and through crumbling Inca fortresses and towns you learn about the ancient Inca civilisation and its ingenuity. The trek is special, and although it is well on the tourist radar- it remains a highlight for many of us in the office.

  1. Amazonian Indigenous Tribes

A interaction and cultural exchange with a remote Amazonian indigenous tribe, done the right way, can be a very special experience for those with an interest in anthropology. There are many indigenous communities across the continent of Latin America ranging from the Kogi in Tayrona National Park (Colombia) to the Hurayos in Iquitos (Peruvian Amazon). There are some very interesting and sustainable initiatives in joint partnership between local tourist companies, and the local indigenous.

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