Top ten reasons to visit Costa Rica

27th July 2020

Costa Rica is a beautiful little Central American country that does all things tourism spectacularly well. Popularity has soared over recent years as returning tourists continue to speak highly of the first class hospitality, the beautiful landscapes, the biodiverse wildlife, the luxurious hotels and the variety of excursions that cater for all interests.

Costa Rica is a firm favourite of Odyssey Travels and we return at least yearly. Here are our top ten reasons why Costa Rica should be high on your list of countries to visit.


Costa Rica has the most amount of activities available than any of the other destination in Latin America. For such a small country there are lots of activities and excursions to keep you busy. You can spend time zip wiring through the national parks on the longest zip wires in Latin America, kayak through biodiverse flooded mangrove swamps, snorkel around islands that are rich in marine life, walk along hanging bridges in the rainforests, visit some of the most biodiverse pockets of planet earth with naturalist guides, make your own organic chocolate to finishing off the day soaking in the hot springs under the stars. Costa Rica has an abundance of activities that cater to all interests and we are here to suggest which ones you are not to be missed on your Costa Rica holiday.


Costa Rica boats the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific to the west. The majority of the best hotels are on the Pacific Coast and many of our guests enjoy a few days at the end of their multi centered holiday relaxing and watching the sunset over the Pacific Coast. The beaches on the Pacific Coast range from calmer bays ideal for swimming and snorkeling, to more active waters that are suited to surfers and bodyboarders.

Whatever beach you decide to stay at in Costa Rica it is important to be aware of what the sea is like near your hotel. We have explored the full length of the coastline and can suggest where to go if you like to swim in the sea without strong waves.

You can find trendy boutique hotels in the hip little villages, remote luxury eco lodges located next to the beaches giving you the best of wildlife and access to the beaches, to the larger resorts that look after your every pampering need. Whatever way you would like to end your time in Costa Rica then we can suggest how, and where, to do it.


Costa Rica has beaches, volcanoes, primary and secondary rainforests, cloud forests, flooded mangroves forests and coral reefs. With the huge variety of different habitats, in a country that is roughly the same size as Switzerland in Europe, you know you are going to be in for a treat in terms of the huge variety of wildlife that all live in these different regions that have their own individual micro-climates.

With an abundance of different landscapes you are sure to enjoy all the varying views, differences across the regions and you feel like you have seen so much without having to constantly be on the move from A to B. It is a holiday after all, not a bootcamp!


Luxury eco lodges located in the jungles, boutique beachside properties away from the crowds, simpler, yet perfectly located colourful Costa Rican hotels to larger international resorts and everything in between. Costa Rica has great options that cater to everyone’s taste and budget.

We work with a wide variety of hotels that all offer English speaking staff, clean and comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts and have a flavour of Costa Rica. Tourism is very important to the economy of Costa Rica that a lot has been invested in training staff and pushing standards across the board in all things tourism. All this comes together to create a wonderful holiday experience.


Costa Rica is synonymous world wide with great coffee, so it goes without saying that coffee lovers will not be disappointed by the variety and quality on offer. Let us know if you would like to visit one of the smaller coffee plantations to get involved and learn all about what makes the perfect cup.

Don’t forget to stock up and bring some good coffee home with you.

Country size

A huge advantage of exploring Costa Rica is that once you have arrived you can visit the entire country without having to take multiple domestic flights. Travelling around on the very good and safe roads network is a pleasurable experience as you pass through different micro where everything feels like an experience, never a rushed journey.

For those lucky to be visiting the Osa Peninsula in the south west then we do suggest taking a short 50 minute flight from the capital city of San Jose. The small plane is an experience in itself as you fly over volcanoes, jungles, coast and then land on a small landing strip close to the Corcovado National Park.

There are also areas in Costa Rica where you take boat crossings which is also great fun and adds another dimension to your holiday. One of the most notable boats is the small motorized boats you take to get to Tortuguero National park as you spot lots of tropical wildlife on the banks of the river and the over hanging trees.

Pura Vida

As you travel across the country you will often hear the locals say “pura vida”. It translates as pure life and can mean anything from life Is good, everything is good to enjoy your day. It is positive saying that encapsulates the mantra of Central American Costa Rican life.

When the sun is shining, the food is good and the birds are singing it is hard to disagree with the locals and before long you will be joining them in their slow paced way of enjoying life and saying “pura vida”!.


Costa Rica is not known for its culinary prowess, but with the variety of fresh produce on the doors and their international outlook the food scene is ever growing. Although we suggest limiting your time in San Jose as it is not a highlight of the country, for foodies there are a few very good restaurants.

Costa Rica is a tropical climate with lots of fresh local produce. Fresh fruits at breakfasts comes in a variety of shapes and colours that are nothing like what you might see in your local supermarket. The flavours are also very different as the fruit is ripe and it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles and they have it in abundance.

Delicious and fresh ceviche at the coast is perfect for a warm day and can be washed down with a refreshing local beer or guaro cocktail.

Safe & Stable

Costa Rica is a peace loving country with no army, a first class healthcare system, very good safety records and it is a politically and economically stable country.  All this combines to make Costa Rica a great holiday destination for honeymooners, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure seekers and those looking to stay at some of the worlds leading luxury eco lodges.

Pura vida! For more information about Costa Rica please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you and share our passion and expertise. Have a look at our Costa Rica Homepage.


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