19th February 2019

Latin America is a vast and spectacular continent abundant with varying habitats, ecosystems and micro climates. Throughout the continent living in these different areas is a colossal amount of wildlife to seek out and discover. Latin America does not quite have as many luxury lodges that you may find in Africa, however it does have a huge amount of wildlife, fantastic guides and unique areas that are ready to be explored of your South America Holiday.

After a prolonged discussion in the office we have finally agreed on our definitive top 5 places for a wildlife safari in Latin America.

Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos & Puerto Maldonado

The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest is an immensely biodiverse and beautiful jungle that counts for more than 63% of Peru’s territory. In the north you can fly into Iquitos and embark on a luxury Amazon river cruise. In the south you can fly to Puerto Maldonado before embarking on a canoe down the river to one of the jungle eco lodges.  Some of the wildlife highlights are the playful Pink River Dolphins, the resplendent Macaws, the thunderous Howler monkeys and much more.

Where to stay: Refugio Amazonas is a remote eco lodge in the Amazon jungle. Staying in one of the comfortable rooms and taking part in the daily small group excursions with their nature guides is the way to first encounter the region.

Osa Peninsula, COSTA RICA

One of the worlds most biologically diverse pockets of planet Earth where you can find over 150 butterfly species, more than 500 types of bird, 124 different mammals, four types of monkey (Squirrel, White Faced Capuchin, Spider & Howler), and all within a 164 mile radius. Put simply, this pocket of Costa Rica is paradise for wildlife lovers.

Where to stay: El Remanso is a comfortable lodge with very strong eco credentials. It over looks the jungle canopy. For a more luxurious option then Playa Cativo is located in a tropical jungle with a private beach and has excellent wildlife excursions included in the rate.


The Pantanal-

Stretching across three different countries, the Pantanal wetlands is abundant with wildlife. The highlight for many are the Jaguar and Giant Anteaters that call this area home. The best place to spot Jaguar is in Brazil.

Where to stay. The Caiman Ecological Reserve in Southern Pantanal is one of the most comfortable lodges. We highly recommend spending the the day with their conservation team and go out jaguar tracking.




Maybe not the first place that you will think of when thinking about Latin America. Antarctica can be reached by an expedition vessel departing Argentina between the months of November and March. An expedition to Antarctica gives you the ultimate cruise in the footsteps of Shackleton. Penguins (Adelie, Chinstrap, Emperor, King), Elephant Seals, Orca Whales, Minke and much more.


Where to stay: Hebridean Sky or Island Sky are two fantastic and extremely comfortable ships run by a professional and experienced team. They have a variety of trips that vary in length and itinerary.


The Galapagos Islands-

Well known as the premier location for wildlife in the world. The Galapagos islands are a unique collection of islands where species have evolved differently. Exploring these islands continually exceeds all expectations and we truly love these Islands that are hard to describe.

Where to stay: The best way to discover the Galapagos and get a deep understanding is joining a Galapagos Cruise. A stylish way to do this is by joining the luxurious MV Origin or MV Theory for an 8 day/7 night cruise aboard a luxury boutique Relais & Chateaux boat. A more economical option is the Beluga.


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