Brazil Honeymoons

There are few better ways of starting your Brazilian honeymoon than visiting the iconic beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A honeymoon to Brazil will always involve beaches, as there are thousands of miles of golden sands here, and they are glorious. A Brazil honeymoon should also include exploring small, colonial UNESCO towns for a taste of seriously laid back Brazilian traditional life, or a flight over to the Pantanal for a wildlife extravaganza. Safaris here are superb, with a very high chance of spotting Jaguar, among a host of other animals. Finish your holiday of a lifetime with a visit to the world's second largest waterfall - the spectacular Iguazu Falls.

Why chose Brazil for your honeymoon?

  • Beaches: They are beautiful!
  • Music: It is everywhere, and infectious in its joyfulness.
  • Jungle: It is dense and rich and full of life.
  • Wildlife: Jaguars, ocelots, giant anteaters, birds... it is superb.
  • Hotels: There is great style here, with a level of luxury and an understanding of what makes a romantic setting great.

  • What are the best hotels of a Brazil honeymoon?

    When in Rio, the standout choice for accommodation is the Belmond Copacabana, especially if you like the idea of the beach on your doorstep and beginning your trip in style. Outside Rio you can find some smaller options, such as Caiman Lodge, a lovely base for exploring the Pantanal, where hopefully you will spot jaguar in the wild. If you are divers and seeking marine encounters at Fernando de Noronha, then the luxurious Pousada Maravilha is lush; this small island's Number One boutique hotel.

    A few more of our favourite Brazilian honeymoon hotels for you to consider:

    OUr Best Brazilian Honeymoon Hotels

    What are the top Brazil honeymoon experiences?

    Whatever you do in Brazil, it will be fun-fuelled and leave you glowing.
    A few of our favourite Brazil experiences include:

  • Bossa Nova in Rio de Janeiro
  • The 'Devils Throat' at Iguazu Falls
  • Buggy boarding at Lencios Marahinese
  • Jaguar spotting in the Pantanal
  • Sunset caiprinhas on Copacabana beach
  • Best Brazil Honeymoon areas

    Our top Brazil honeymoon tips

  • Combine beach time with inland Brazil 
  • Pay a little more for a well located hotel in Rio. It makes such a difference waking up looking out to the beaches as oposed to being in a concrete jungle
  • Enjoy caiprinhas
  • Play football with the locals at your peril

  • Is a Brazil honeymoon expensive?

    In short, it can be whatever you want it to be! There is so much choice here, we can work something out to suit most budgets. And there is much romance and beauty here to be had for relatively little. Speak to us direct to discuss possibilities. 

    We love Brazil!

    We would love to hear from you, and we look forward to discussing all of the various opportunities for your Brazil honeymoon.




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