Cusco is the former capital of the Inca Empire. Its narrow, cobbled streets are filled today with inquisitive explorers, here to discover the ancient Inca Palaces, ornate colonial churches and soak up the unique atmosphere of this staggeringly beautiful city. 
The oldest inhabited city in Latin America, Cusco is perched at 3,399 metres high in the Andes. Throughout the city are reminders of the ingenuity of the Inca masons, whose groundwork lay the bulky and robust foundations of this UNESCO World Heritage City. It has stood the test of time, albeit it with a few minor adaptations to cater to the needs of 21st century tourists.

What can you do in Cusco? 

Surrounding Cusco there are a multitude of different archaeological sites that have also been preserved as a symbol of the dominance of the Incas. Inca Pachucuti was apparently the brains behind the dominating fortress of Sasayhuaman that overlooks the city.

There are also ample trekking, cycling, horseback riding and other outdoor-based activities available alongside the many archaeological sites, allowing you to various ways of delving into the beautiful and traditional local communities, otherwise often overlooked. 

It is from Cusco that you take the train or begin your trek to Machu Picchu . Depending on your route and the pace of your trip it is always prudent to consider altitude sickness when in the Peruvian Andean mountains. Our experts will devise an itinerary to ensure that your body has ample time to acclimatise whilst on your Peru holiday.

The best hotels in Cusco

There are many hotels around Cuzco that cater to every taste and budget. Here at South America Odyssey we tend to prefer the centrally-located characterful options that are built in renovated colonial mansions or former Inca palaces such as La Casona

Is Cusco amazing?

Cusco is a wonderful and vibrant city that should be enjoyed at leisure. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a foodie or an adventurer looking to explore the areas that surround the city, you will have a wonderful time in Cusco. 

Insider tip on Cusco

Include at least one free afternoon to wander around the cobbled streets, and maybe make your way to San Pedro market to try some local cuisine. 
In the evening you could head to a local pisco bar and try the native fiery cocktail!


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Where to stay in Cuzco

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Hotel Monasterio: WOW. The best hotel of our adventure. Cusco was so beautiful
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