Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and it has a rich history with some of the oldest Peruvian indigenous groups.  This impressive region is made up of agricultural terraces, jagged volcanoes and sparse landscapes where llamas roam and wild Andean condors ride the thermals.
Colca is popular with tourists, but it is also a huge region; the distances are so large that you can go for hours without seeing any other tourist as you travel across the altiplano.

The Colca Canyon - Things to do

Unwinding with pisco sours beneath a spectacular canopy of the stars is a perfect way to end a day of exploring this beautiful place. 

Most of your daytimes here are spent walking around the Canyon. With its spectacular views and historical atmosphere it is an experience to be best enjoyed mostly on foot. Whilst exploring the region you may spot the indigenous Condor eagle - a rare sight and one not to be forgotten for any bird watcher. Also, you can take a trip to Yanque, a small, relaxed town and a good destination for a day out. 

The Colca Canyon - Where to stay

Our favourite lodge is The Colca Lodge, which has spacious and comfortable rooms overlooking the river that feeds three natural outdoor thermal baths.

The Colca Canyon - Our opinon

The Colca Canyon is definitely worth a visit for scenery lovers and walkers. If you are limited on time though, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu are definitely at the forefront of attractions to be enjoyed in Peru, ahead of this very enjoyable but secondary sight. 

The Colca Canyon - Top tip 

Remember to look up! The stars in this region are especially spectacular due to the high altitude and the lack of light pollution.


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Colca Canyon - Reviews

Colca Lodge: The hot springs were to die for.
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