Best Places to stay in The Galapagos Islands

Best Places To Stay In The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are explored by most by joining, or chartering, a boat that cruises around the islands giving you an insight into these unique islands. There are a huge variety of boats that range in levels of luxury, length of cruise, itinerary and price. The boats are the best way to see the island as you cruise around with a naturalist guide. Alternatively you can opt for one of the eco hotels on the island. For further ideas and information please get in touch and we can send you our Galapagos guide and/or speak all about the options.


Camila is the first trimaran to set sail in the Galapagos Islands. This super stable and spacious boat from a very experienced team was launched in 2019 to much acclaim. Very much in the luxury end of the market, this contemporary and custom built trimaran is an option excellent for those seeking refinement on their Galapagos Luxury cruise.


Elite is a luxurious, airy and bright catamaran that was launched in June 2019. A spectacular ship that has gorgeous cabins with a unique feature that they have floor to ceiling glass doors, which open onto private balconies. If you are looking for a luxury Galapagos Holiday on one of the best catamarans then the Elite is certainly high up on the list.


Endemic is a brand new (launched 2019) super luxurious catamaran that was custom built for the Galapagos. The new company has launched two incredibly spacious, luxurious and cutting edge in design catamarans. Although a new company, they have employed some very well known guides and members of staff to ensure that experience is not lacking on their spectacular boats.

MV Origin-

The MV Origin is a first class Galapagos expedition boat that has recently been awarded Relais & Chateaux status. The MV Origin is our favourite Galapagos boat that truly offers a first class experience of the magical islands. For more information please read on or get in touch with our experienced experts.

MV Theory

The much anticipated luxurious MV Theory has launched. This Relais & Chateaux new arrival to the Galapagos, like her sister boat, the MV Origin, has set the bar at an extremely high level of all Galapagos yachts.



The Petrel is a luxurious, spacious and very well run catamaran with a key feature being that all of the cabins have private balconies. The elegant Petrel interior décor is more contemporary than many other Galapagos Luxury boats as white, black, leather and minimalism play a large feature in the design. A very high quality boat run by an experienced and very well established team.

Tip Top II

Tip Top II is a spacious, bright, and stable catamaran that was completely refurbished to a high standard in 2016. The family that run and own the vessel were one of the first ever families to live on the Galapagos Islands and they always endeavour to show their guests the absolute best of the islands. With a very competitive price point, we believe the Tip Top II is a fantastic option for your Galapagos Cruise.

Tip Top V

The Tip Top V is a spacious and stable catamaran that was designed and built solely for exploring the unique Galapagos Islands. Launched in 2019, this brand new catamaran is bright, airy, modern and comfortable catamaran is an excellent Galapagos Holiday boat with a competitive price point.

Alya Catamaran

The Alya Catamaran is a contemporary-designed luxury catamaran with 9 very comfortable and spacious en suite cabins, 8 of which have private balconies. This is a first class ship and is amongst the ebst boats that cruise the Galapagos Islands. 


The Beluga is a competitively priced Galapagos boat that has a crew with a lot of experience of the islands. Run by an Ecuadorian family, the Beluga remains a friendly and professional option with a variety of cabin sizes that cater to different budgets. A very good option that does tend to get booked up well in advance. Please do get in touch for first hand opinions about the Beluga.


The Integrity is a super stylish and eye-catching first class boat with a traditional feel. This high quality and refined boat oozes old world charm and quality, with no shortcuts in the building and running of the Integrity.

Natural Paradise

Natural Paradise is a bulkier Galapagos ship with a good reputation. The spacious and airy boat has large windows for taking in the scenery on your Galapagos holiday. The Natural Paradise ship accomadates up to 16 guests and is a good option for those seeking a spacious and comfortable boat, yet with only 16 passengers.

Ocean Spray

The Ocean Spray is a high-quality and spacious catamaran with the unique selling point that each room has a private balcony and large panoramic windows. This boat is run by an experienced team that have a few luxurious Galapagos boats.


The Cormorant is an elegant, stylish, and very spacious 16-person catamaran that was refurbished to a very high spec in 2017. This luxury boat is part of an exclusive fleet that cruises the Galapagos Islands.

Mary Anne

MV Sky

A fully equipped boat catering for sixteen passengers, specialising in diving. Following the dives of Wolf and Darwin are often the highlights.

Seaman Journey

Seaman Journey is a good quality and very comfortable and good value catamaran with a blue, white and varnished wood interior design.

Coral I & II

Coral I and Coral II are very high quality sister ships with interesting itineraries at very competitive prices. We are growing fans of these boats as returning clients continue to praise the service and the team that work on teh boats.


Eric is a compact, robust expedition vessel with years of delivering succesful crusies in teh Galapagos Islands. The boat is owned and managed by a leading sustainability company that also runs two of the islands most luxurious boats that sail the Galapagos Islands.

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