White Desert

An extremelly exciting new luxury adventure where you fly from Cape Town and get to experience Antarctica in four short days.

White Desert-The Details

White Desert is not a boat - it's a private jet.  This is by far the most exclusive, luxurious and quickest way to discover the "final frontier" for those of you who have limited time and a preference for luxurious travel. It is the only private jet access to Antarctica in the world and so it's not cheap - £32,000 per person to be exact.
Your journey begins in scenic Cape Town where you board a flight to Wolf's Fang Runway taking around 5.5 hours. You spend the afternoon there before being connected to the one of a kind, luxurious Whichaway Camp. You wake here, then move on to explore the fresh water lakes of Schirmacher Oasis - a remarkably rare site. The next and final day sees you flying over the extraordinary Drygalski Mountain Range with celebratory champagne.
This whole trip can involve as much or as little activities as you like – much of it it obviously about seing the unique habitat and the flora and fauna of Antarctica.  From learning about the penguins, albatross and orca whales to kayaking through the ice bergs as the season develops and the ice begins to recede. You may even decide to camp out one night on this desolate continent. Whatever your preference this is sure to be an unforgettable once in a life time experience.
Please downlad the White Desert 1 day , 4 day , 8 day itineraries here. Speak to us for further information about departure schedules and the uniqueness of this expedition.  




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Map of Antarctica

Map of Antarctica
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