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Antarctica Holidays

The harsh and remote barren wilderness that is often described as ‘The Final Frontier’ or ‘The White Continent’ is an eerie and desolate region explored by icons such as Shackleton and Scott.

The end of the earth is explored by joining a exploration cruise that sails between the acute ice bergs, endless frozen snowy landscapes and Penguin colonies.

Exploration vessels have various routes. The longer (approx. 20 days) sailings depart from Ushuaia (South Argentina) heading East to The Falklands before heading to South Georgia and then onto The Antarctic Peninsula. The shorter sailings (approx. 10 days) typically sail over Drake Passage straight to The Antarctic. 

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When is the best time to visit

The only suitable months to visit are from November to March. During this period there are climatic patterns that are worth considering depending on what you are most eager to experience.


This is the start of the season as the Antarctic is coming out of the extreme winter weather so there will be icebergs to navigate around. The lands are extremely white during these months.


Penguin chicks are hatching and the feeding frenzy begins.


Whales are most easily spotted in vast numbers.

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