Peru’s Food Revolution

1st February 2018

The juggernaut that is the Peruvian food revolution shows no sign of slowing as Lima, the capital city, now boasts three of the “World’s Top 50 Restaurants”.

What Peruvian restaurants made the top 50?

Astrid y Gaston, the pioneering restaurant of contemporary Peruvian cuisine was listed in position 33. This leading restaurant run by wife Astrid Gutsche and husband, Gaston Acurio, is a Peruvian food institution based in a leafy and affluent neighborhood of Lima.

Maido, a Japanese-Peruvian fine dining restaurant by Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura was listed in position 8. Micha names his distant Japanese ancestry as a main influence on his palate and style.

Central, a restaurant by Virgilio Martinez, was the highest ranked Latin America restaurant coming in 5th place at the annual awards. Martinez also won the Chefs’ Choice Award for representing the biodiversity, history and culture of Peru. If a food pilgrimage to Lima is too long for your taste buds to wait then try one of his London based restaurants, Lima Floral and Lima.

Other noteworthy winners at the acclaimed awards went to the experimental Heston Blumenthal whose restaurant Dinner came 36th. Heston Blumenthal was also recognized with the Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award.

What is Peruvian food?

The three distinct geographical region of Peru, combined with a diverse demographic influences create eclectic tastes and recipes. The coastal region supplies Peru with fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean; the fertile Andean mountain range is the birthplace of the potato, of which there are over 3,000 varieties, and the Amazon in the east boasts tropical fruits.

Japanese and Chinese influences mixed with traditional Peruvian staples have led to the creation of innovative fusion dishes known locally as Nikkei and Chifa. Nikkei and Chifa combine with Peruvian house hold ingredients such as corn, potato, chili and citrus fruits to create light, delicate and fresh dishes, often with a little kick.

Did any other Latin American restaurants make the list?

There were only three other Latin American restaurants on the prestigious list:

· Pujol in Mexico City which came in 20th. For reservations follow this link to their website.

· Quintonil also Mexico City based came 22nd. For reservations follow this link to their website.

· Borgao in Santiago de Chile came in 42nd. For reservations follow this link to their website

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