Don’t miss a puma sighting because of your old binoculars!

16th May 2018

South America is home to scenes of dramatic landscapes, fascinating wildlife, colourful birds, beautiful cloud forests and all in all the great outdoors at its very best… The list could go on and on – it is so vast, with so much to see…

One thing is for sure, wherever you are travelling to on your South America adventure, the only way to make the most of it is to have some good binoculars – we can’t stress this enough…

From spotting the vibrant birds fluttering around Monteverde in Costa Rica, to glimpsing the specific quirks of the unique Galapagos wildlife, and to the ultimate South America wildlife spot of a rare puma in Patagonia –  you definitely don’t want to miss moments of a lifetime because you got a “bargain” pair of unfocused, blurry binos! Trust us – this is so important.

A good place to start when considering a good pair of binos is this article which gives all the info you need when choosing a perfect pair for your trip of a lifetime. In our opinion, not buying a good pair of binos for such an adventure is equal to going to Italy and not eating pasta or pizza… Something you will 100% look back on with regret.

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