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Peruvian Family Holidays; Peru Tours, Peru Vacations

Peru continually pulls in the numbers for those that want to see the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu perched deep in the Sacred Valley. Aside from this site there is so much more to Peru that will keep you family entertained.
Peru is a destination for a family with an interest in history and ancient cultures that want to explore small communities and see ancient ruins left by the Incans that controlled vast amount of the country over 500 years ago. Exploration doesn’t always have to be being led around a site for hours on end by a guide trying to keep your families attention- Marc, our MD and a real family man has developed a range of activities with the family in mind. Excursion usually have an element of activity like cycling, kayaking, horseback riding that combine with stops at local markets to try your hand at weaving or brewing your own coffee or making some chocolate.  There are also the Peruvian Amazon for animal lovers to visit.

Our best Peruvian Family Hotels

Peru also has some wonderful lodges located deep in the Amazon rainforest making a combination of history and wildlife an interesting family trip.  Stay at Tambopata Research Centre or Reserva Amazonica.




Although we tailor-make all our trips we have reproduced a number of popular itineraries here

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Map of Peru

Map of Peru Peru - Cuzco Peru - Machu Picchu Peru - Lima Peru - Iquitos Peru - Colca Canyon Peru - Arequipa Peru - Lake Titicaca Peru - Peruvian Amazon
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