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Ecuadorian Family Holidays

A traditional South American country where you can spend a few days exploring Andean life before flying over to the intarnationally recognised, protected and quite possibly the mecca for everyone interested in wildife-The Galapagos Islands.
Wheteher you have seen some of David Attenboroughs documentaries, read the Origin of Species by Chalres Darwin or heard tales of ths enchanting archipelago that is abundant with native andendemic wildlife. A trip to the Galapagos is a once is a lifetime experience that we would love to help show your family how to these magnificient islands justice. 

What are the best family friendly Ecuadorian hotels?

If you are looking fro some luxury in the capital city of Quito, then the former presidential palace of Casa Gangotena is the palce to be. A little more sublte and affordable is Patio Andaluz. A couple of hours drive from Quito is a charming working haciends high in the Andes, Hacienda Zuleta is a beautiful option after a cruise for a few days on land for some rest and relaxation.

What is the best family Galapagos cruises?

There are over x boats that cruise the Galapagos islands and we know the best ones very well. We always recommend the smaller boats with capcaity for 16-20 people as your experience will be private and more intimate than on one of the boats that cater for up to 100 people. One of the msot luxuriosu and managed boats is the MV Origin, with its main unique selling points being that the guide to passenger ration  is 1:10, most boats have a ration of 1:16. A more economical boat that is still very comforatble with good staff is the Seaman Journey. There are lots of Galapagos cruising boats that we can talk to you about for independent advice.

Our Best Ecuadorian Family Hotels

How old do you need to be to visit the Galapagos?

For most of the cruises there is a munimum age of 7 years old. You can visit the Galapagos by staying on one of the land based hotels when you are younger. But from experience we believe it is better to wait a few years and wait until your children are atleast 7 so that they can enjoy it and be inspired by the wonderful islands.

Is the Galapagos expensive?

There are a number of votes that cater for different budgets. A week cruise on an boat with a naturalist guide and all your meals included would cost from around $4,000/£2,960 per person. 

How long do families stay in the Galapagos for?

Most cruises last eight days, 7 nights. There are shorter options, but we think if you taken teh flight to get to the Galapagos then you should fully explore it rather than just sample it.

Does this sound your families ideal trip?

We hope that you like the idea of an Ecuador and Galapagos fmaily holiday. For more information about the Galapagos then please give us a ring, ping us an email or come visit us for a friendly chat in our London offices.




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