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Peru Holidays

Peru is a county of legend and unparalleled biodiversity where only the hospitality and warmth of the locals eclipses the magnificent make up of this South American country.

Peru is a fantastic destination with something for everyone. Lima is sepeed with history with fantastic museums and world class resturants. For a cultural experience revel in the mysteries of Machu Picchu or explore the colourful and interesting Cuzco. For the adventurers, just outside Cuzco is The Sacred Valley which is a fantastic place to experience the history of the country whilst also getting your blood pumping - everything from horse riding to water rafting is offered at this fun and picturesque location. 

Whether you visit the ancient Andean settlements of Machu Picchu and ruins throughout the central highlands, or the dense and biodiverse Amazon rainforest in the east, or the cosmopolitan capital city of Lima on the Pacific you are sure to have a wonderful activity packed and family-friendly holiday. A stay at Casa Andina is the perfect way to ease your way into this adventure.

Map of Peru

Map of Peru Peru - Cuzco Peru - Machu Picchu Peru - Lima Peru - Colca Canyon Peru - Arequipa Peru - Lake Titicaca Peru - Peruvian Amazon

Peru - When to go

There are three regions in Peru which have their own weather patterns to take into account when visiting.  For most people high on their list of places to visit are Machu Picchu and the traditional life in the Andes and the biodiversity of the Amazon. The best months to visit these places are from mid-April to October when the weather is mostly dry and hot during the day. At night it does cool considerably in the mountains due to the altitude.

The best time to visit the Pacific Coast is the opposite, so from December to April people head to the coast and Lima to enjoy the strong sun and crashing waves.
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Our favourite areas of Peru

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