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Chile Holidays

Measuring 4,300 km north to south but only on average 177km east to west, Chile stretches like a ribbon between the Andes and the Southern Pacific coast of this vast continent.  From the barren deserts in the north, volcanoes and wineries in the Central Valley to cobalt blue lakes and advancing glaciers in the vast Torres del Paine National Park in the south, Chile is a diverse and fascinating country.

Chile's tourism infrastructure is good, and it has some of the world’s most luxurious and professionally-run lodges. However good the lodges are though, they could never come close to matching the spectacular natural beauty of this dramatic country. Tierra Atacama, Lastarria Hotel and Alto Atacama are just fantastic and suitable for honeymooners or family trips.

There are an array of different points of interest to visit in Chile which are wide ranging and all interesting in their own right. You will land in the cosmopolitan bright lights of Santiago to start your adventure, but we think the beauty of Chile lays in the great outdoors whether it be in the wine regions surrounding the city, the picturesque Patagonian Chile, the beautiful Lake District, the colourful sights in Valparasio or the eerie and interesting Atacama desert in the north. All are dotted up and down this fantastic country and each one is unique in its own right.

As an extremelly long country, it is relatively easy to get around and its atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful. For foodies, Chile is also fantastic with great seafood and excellent wine. With such a huge variety of destinations, there seems to be a bit of everything and a lot to see and do. 

Map of Chile

Map of Chile Chile - Chilean Patagonia Chile - Atacama Chile - Santiago Chile - The Lake District

Chile - Best time to visit

October to March is the summer season and the nicest time to visit, however as a result it is also Chile's busiest time. June to August are best if you want to ski. It is also possible to visit Patagonia during these months, but it will be cold and harsh, and a little quieter.
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