Chilean Family Holidays; Chile family hotels and best places

Chile is an absolutely perfect destination for those with older families. This is a fabulous family holiday destination for anyone who loves getting out and about and being active, with the added glory of a backdrop of captivatingly dramatic landscapes. 
In the south of Chile there are mile upon mile of trails in the famous Torres del Paine National Park. Here you can don your crampons and walk across advancing glaciers, and launch out on boats in search of the elusive pumas that roam these areas. Most people combine Patagonia and Atacama with a stay at one of the vineyards near Santiago to best enjoy of the country’s most prolific exports.

Why go to Chile for your family holiday?

  • For grown up families, Chile really comes into its own. Make the most of the huge potential for outdoor adventures in the day, and delicious Chilean wine to round off the night!
  • The beauty of Chile is in its three very contrasting landscapes - from the driest desert in the world in the bewitching Atacama, to the dramatic and wild expanse of Patagonia and on to the rolling hills of the Lake District – it is a canvas of great changing beauty and there is so much to be enjoyed within it.
  • Chile boasts one of the very best infrastructures in South America; a round trip here is easy, and seamlessly efficient .
  • There are direct flights into Santiago from the US and UK, so no unwanted and inconvenient stop overs. All you have to do is get the teens out of bed and onto a plane, and we will do the rest!
  • The variety! You can explore this country by whichever way you see fit – from boating to trekking to horse riding around the wilderness, or even on a historical, art or just a wine tasting tour. Chile caters extremely well to a variety of interests. 

  • Which are the most family friendly hotels in Chile?

    Casa Higueras
    is a really fantastic find with sweeping views over Valparaiso, the quirky and colourful city made famous by poet Pablo Neruda. Casa Higueras is a family run boutique hotel and should be top of the list for a stay here.

    Luciano K will start off your trip very pleasantly in Santiago, giving you great views of the city from its rooftop terrace. This means you don’t have to hang around for days here in order to feel as though you’ve seen the city! The beauty of Chile after all lies in the great outdoors. 

    Patagonia Camp is for those families who, well, do things a little differently. As the name suggests, it makes for a quirky and 'wild' base from which to explore the wild Chilean Patagonia.

    the most family friendly hotels in chile

    Chile family holiday itinerary planning 

    International flights land in Santiago and most people spend a night there to adjust and recover after their long-haul. Then we recommend that you hop over to Patagonia and enjoy all the activities under the sun in the most beautiful surroundings. After that, take a flight up to the eerie and wonderful Atacama Desert for 3 nights of the best star gazing you will ever enjoy, offering a completely different holiday experience to anything you’ve tried before… Then, it’s time for some pre-home time R&R in the central wine valleys for a few nights before departing. Of course, we can tailor your family holiday completely to you, but this is just an indication of what we like to recommend; a fantastic and diverse round trip.

    the most family friendly areas of Chile

    How much does a family holiday to Chile cost? 

    Prices for a trip around Chile for a few weeks can start from £4,000 per person, excluding international flights, and go upwards from there. When paying for adolescents, we realise this can prove pretty expensive, but we will work with you to devise a trip as close to your budget as we can.  

    What is the perfect age to visit Chile? 

    We don’t generally recommend visiting Chile if you have younger children, because the wine is so good! Well, also because the flights are quite long and the country attractions are better suited for older children. For younger kids, maybe consider the smaller Costa Rica, which has more young family-friendly activities and attractions. But, for older families with active teens, you can’t get much better than a Chilean holiday for a family trip of a lifetime.




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    Map of Chile

    Map of Chile Chile - Chilean Patagonia Chile - Atacama Chile - Santiago Chile - The Lake District
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