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Argentina Family Holidays

Argentina is full of variety from the architecture and steak houses of Buenos Aires, to the seemingly endless vineyards that produce some of the world’s best wines, to the dramatic and desolate national parks of Patagonia. Argentina is a perfect holiday for an older family that can explore the vineyards and enjoy the late night restaurant scene.

What the highlights of an Argentine family tour?

  • Buenos Aires: Ths 'Paris of the South', a trip to Argentina would nto eb compelte without visiting a late night tango show, a walk around the colourful Italian neighbourhood of La Boca and a visit to the historically significant sites like the Casa Rosada or the Colon Theatre.
  • Wine:  A big part of Argentine culture and most trips to Argentina include visiting a winery, or two, or three.
  • Iguazu falls: the colossal falls on the border with Brazil is a beautiful rainforest location with toucans and majestic views of the falls.
  • Dramatic scenery: From teh vast open steppes of Patagonia in teh south, the flooded Ibera wetalnds in the north east to the Andean mountains in the north west. Argentina is truly stunning.
  • Food: Empanadas, asados (BBQ), dulve de leche, alfarores....the food is scrumptious. 

  • What are the best Argentine family hotels?

    There are lots of hotels from which to chose that will make your family very welcome.  Whilst in Buenos Aires you could opt for the classical and prestigious Alvear Palace. They have an elegant rooftop pool and spa that has sweeping views over the city. On theoutskirts of the city you could have a couple of opulent days at the converted hacienda  Estancia La Bamba. Eolo Lodge in Patagonia is first class service with super comfortable rooms. For a multi award winning and tremendous wine experience then there is no better than Cavas Wine Lodge in Mendoza.  

    The Best Argentinian Family Hotels

    Is Argentina good for younger children?

    A big part of Argentinian culture is about the wine and food and if you are young you will miss out on that a little. However, a lot of the vineyards cater for families really well and offer altenrative experiences so everyone can get involved and enjoy. Argentina also has great outdoor activities like horseriding, or visiting penguin colonies to motor boats up to huge waterfalls so it is still worth consideration.Speak to one of our experts for further information.

    How much does an Argentinian family tour cost?

    That is a really tricky question as ther are no fixed prices. As a guide, a two week Argentinian trip staying at good quality boutique properties, all your transfers, excursions and experiences would cost from $4,725/£3,500 per person excluding international flights.

    How does that sound?

    If that all sounds of interest and you would like to speka to someone that loves and kows the coutnry intimetly for further information, without obligation, then please do get in touch wither via email, telephone or visit us in our London offices. We look forward to hearing from you.




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    Map of Argentina

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